Huh? #JusJoJan

Bee has the honor of choosing today’s prompt, “zoomie.”

I had to head to the dictionary to figure what it means, and they had nothing, either.

They did, however, have a definition for “zoomies“: “Members of the U.S. Air Force. (A nickname used by the Army. Persian Gulf War.)”

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what Bee had in mind, but that’s what I’m going with.

And now this word from Macleans toothpaste. Ask your dentist, ask a friend!

20 thoughts on “Huh? #JusJoJan

  1. Oh yeah, I know what zoomies are. And jarheads, squids, nasty boys, grunts… all of em, I done heard em all. Military life, yo. 😛


  2. Oh good grief! Y’all are so…whatever. It’s a ring knocker, zoomies could do no wrong. USAF Academy grads. No research required. Think ‘privileged.’

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  3. I did not post on it today as I was late getting home and had no clue what it meant, nor did I have the desire today for research. Great job on your post.


    1. If you lived near an Army base, you might have heard it (it was the Army nickname for the Air Force), but maybe it was just used “in country,” as they say.


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