Song Lyric Sunday: “No Time”

Now, you see the song I’ve picked for this week’s theme, which happens to be “no,” as selected by Di over at pensitivity101, and you immediately think “of course! John’s gonna give us another Guess Who song!”

And you would be wrong…

John Weldon “J. J.” Cale was best known as a songwriter, with his songs covered by Eric Clapton (“Cocaine,” “After Midnight”), Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Call Me The Breeze”), Poco (“Magnolia”) and many others, but he was also a pretty damn good singer and guitarist who recorded 15 studio albums and collaborated on several others, including The Road To Escondido (2006) with Clapton, which won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2008. I bought a tape of his 1990 album, Travel-Log, and carried it with me everywhere when I was traveling, playing it on rental car tape decks whenever they were available. I loved that album and still do. The third song on the album (or, back in the cassette/vinyl LP days, the third track on Side 1) is “No Time.”

AZLyrics supplies the lyrics today…

No time for making my moves, no time
No time for hitting my groove, no time

Summer comes and summer gone
When I sing the very same song
Set apart of all the scene
How we long for all our dreams

No time for making no moves, no time
No time for hitting no grooves, no time

The clock it turns at a rapid pace
Takes us to another place
The train it goes from here to there
Just left me standing here

No time for making my moves, no time
No time for hitting my grooves, no time

I had the blues this morning I cried all day
I guess you lose the blues in the morning If you cry ’em away

No time for making my moves, oh no time
No time for hitting my grooves, no, no time

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday for January 27, 2019.

20 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: “No Time”

  1. I was surprised this wasn’t The Guess Who. But JJ Cale is superb, and you can’t go too far wrong with his tunes. Nice selection today!


    1. JJ Cale does some great stuff. As far as I can tell, the only Top 40 record he had was “Crazy Mama,” and that ended up at #22, but when you consider some of the songs he wrote that went on to be hits, he did all right.

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