The 41st Anniversary Week That Was

Here’s Andy Griffith for Ritz Crackers. Mmmm! Good cracker!

Kat Bouska, who writes at her blog Mama’s Losin’ It! and vlogs over at MamaKatTV, hs a weekly feature on her vlog where she makes recipes that are on product packages. I asked her if she’d do the Mock Apple Pie that was on the back of the Ritz Cracker box for years (but not since Mondelez started making them) and she made it during Thanksgiving week, which I thought was really cool.

The Week That Was

Mary and I will be celebrating our 41st anniversary tomorrow, thus the name of today’s post. We’re going to celebrate tomorrow by going to lunch and then out for coffee, because that’s what we do. They’re threatening us with snow on Wednesday; if that’s the only time it snows this season, I’ll be very happy. Anyway, here’s the summary.

We were given the word “cry” to play with last Sunday, and I responded with Julie London’s classic “Cry Me A River.”

In keeping with the theme of “songs about shadows,” I came up with eight songs with “shadow” in the title and two by bands with “Shadows” in their name.

Saxophonist Steve Cole, a member of The Sax Pack as well as a successful solo artist, was the featured artist.

We decided that The Free Movement did a better job than Blood Sweat & Tears on the song “I Can’t Move No Mountains.” The vote was pretty close (8-5).

I ran across something I had written a while back about how much I hated the TV show Seinfeld, and quoted from that post.

I also wrote a short post on why WordPress comments seem to disappear when you’re replying to them. It was quite well received. I’m glad, because it took me a while to figure out why it was happening.

I’ve been thinking about replacing Evernote, because the price is high and there are concerns that the company might not make it, and I talked about the things I’m trying to replace it. As I’ve worked with potential repacements, I discovered why Evernote is more expensive: it works really well and does the things I want it to do. So, until some of the other note-taking apps add the features I need, I’m going to stick with Evernote and hope that they don’t go out of business.

We went back to WKMH in Dearborn, Michigan to share their Top 10 from 1959.

The prompt was “add/ad/AD (anno Domini)” and I got at least two of those into the post.

We’re still making our way through Just Jot It January. Here are the entries I did for that.

  • Sunday’s prompt was “serendipity,” one we had done a couple of years ago, and as with then, I shared a couple of songs by the Serendipity Singers and a commercial for Dippity-Do, a hairstyling product.
  • Monday’s prompt was “echo,” the word for the letter “e” on the NATO phonetic alphabet.
  • Tuesday, the word was “curiosity,” and I talked about how a lot of the blog is about sharing stuff I find interesting.
  • Thursday’s word was “zoomie,” which really threw me for a loop, but I discovered that “zoomie” is a nickname for graduate of the US Air Force Academy, which wasn’t what Bee had in mind when she chose the prompt. Evidently she intended us to talk about zoomies that greyhounds get where they start running all over the house, something we cat owners call “crazy cat.”
  • Friday’s word was “balance,” and being the business administration grad I am, I talked about balance sheets and T-accounts, with which accountants are very familiar.

We’ll finish Just Jot It January on Thursday, provided Linda gets a prompt for Thursday by then; if not, I guess it’ll end Wednesday. As I said earlier today, we should just add January 31 and March 1 to February and end up with three 30-day months in a row at the start of the year. Four, really, when you consider that April is another one. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at #40 songs from 1962. Tuesday, we’ll have another smooth jazz artist (most likely Kim Waters, the third member of The Sax Pack). And all the other regular features will follow after that.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

15 thoughts on “The 41st Anniversary Week That Was

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Mary! Don’t you just love living in the Atlanta area when a snow event is expected – they close gov’t offices, schools, etc., etc. They learned a lot since the daymare and nightmare of snowmagedden.


    1. I’m looking out the window, and it’s bright and sunny, temperature in the mid-40’s, but I’ll bet the Publix and Kroger are out of milk and bread because they were predicting snow for today…

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      1. I was disappointed cos I wanted to see a flake or two. lol I bet you’re right about the grocery stores running out of milk and bread. Did you see in the news the ice and snow in Blue Ridge? They got more than a flake or two.


  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Mary!! Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of my cat, Tallulah.


  3. Happy Anniversary! I’ve had a busy week and having this recap was wonderful so I could go back and find things I missed, so just in case you were thinking of not doing them anymore, my vote is don’t stop. I didn’t know you didn’t like Seinfeld. I loved it. Yes, George is on my husband’s hate list and now I’m going to have to watch to see if the cereal boxes really are in alphabetical order.


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