Two for Tuesday: Kim Waters

Alto and soprano saxophonist Kim Waters, according to AllMusic, “specializes in the romantic side of mellow smooth jazz.” He’s recorded 36 albums as a soloist as well as a member of The Sax Pack and Streetwize, a supergroup he started with singer Maysa Leak, bassist James Waters Jr., and guitarist Ken Navarro. His most recent album is What I Like, released last September.

From What I Like, “Midnight Magic.”

From One Special Moment (1999), featuring Meli’sa Morgan and the late Chuck Loeb, “Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut).”

Kim’s website tells us he now lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, just a couple of towns over from where I live. (The things you learn in this job…) His itinerary tells us he’ll be at The South in Philadelphia from February 14 thru 17, so if you’re in the area, be sure and see him.

Kim Waters, your Two for Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

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