You Have Dialed… #JusJoJan

Jim over at A Unique Title For Me has selected today’s prompt, “dirty.” Here’s The Conception Corporation with “Dial A Dirty Joke.”

This was recorded in 1970, so if doesn’t make sense, that’s to be expected. A lot of the humor of that era was like this. There were a lot of comedy troupes that started in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Probably the best-known was Firesign Theater, who made some very strange comedy albums that naturally we all got into and our parents just rolled their eyes at. When we were in high school, Mark and I used to listen to his brother’s FT albums. Our favorite sketch was the radio drama “Nick Danger, Third Eye.” (It’s almost half an hour, so you might want to save it for later.)

Now here’s Pamela Austin for the 1967 Dodge Dart. The Dodge Rebellion wants you!

13 thoughts on “You Have Dialed… #JusJoJan

  1. Oh man, I didn’t know they had these on the radio…those jokes. Pretty sad but still funny. This Danger radio guy is funny…I know the actor who was Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld and he was on Dancing With The Stars In it’s very first season. This reminds me of the Frasier episode when Frasier wants to bring back a 1/2 hour radio show and it bombs in great hilarity.


    1. Anytime Frasier would get a bee in his bonnet like that, you just knew it would end in disaster, and usually one of epic proportions. I always loved the dinner parties he and Niles would have…

      Firesign Theater was kind of like Monty Python in that both were inspired by “The Goon Show” and both did surreal humor, but they were pretty different otherwise. They were both favorites in high school.


  2. So the chicken was a rooster. Or a lesbian. Or the chicken thought she was married to her owner. Who was not a man, so the chicken was a rooster. Or a lesbian. Or the chicken thought she was married to her owner. Who wants not a man, but a woman. I get it. That’s funny


  3. That is one dumb joke. Thanks for sharing it here. It confirms my suspicion that the past isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. [Pun sort of intended.]


  4. At least it was the sound of a touch-tone phone. The clickity-clickity sound would confuse even more readers. I remember learning to drive in a Dodge Dart. Not the GT, the model with the Slant-6.


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