Writer’s Workshop: My Latest Purchase

NOTE: What follows is a product review, so I think I’m obligated to say that neither Reiyin, the manufacturer of the device, nor Amazon, who sold it to me, paid me for the following.

Thanks to tinnitus, there’s a constant ringing in my ears, which doesn’t bother me much during the day, but can be a hassle when I’m trying to get to sleep at night. My solution to this is to listen to the sounds of the sea and rain all night. I have a number of mp3 tracks of those sounds on my iPod Video and play them all night or until the battery runs down.

Rather than using headphones, the preferred method of listening to stuff on an iPod, I have had a succession of speakers made by iHome that plug into the headphone jack. That works well, but the cord is sometimes a hassle, especially when I have to adjust the volume to hear the sound file (because, after all, they’re all recorded at different levels, because that’s just the way the audio engineers roll). On more than one occasion I’ve picked up the iPod and sent the speaker flying across the room. After doing this for the umpteenth time, I decided that the way to go was Bluetooth. Problem was, my iPod was manufactured about five years before some genius at Apple said, “hey, you know what would be great on the iPod? Bluetooth!” I needed the piece that allowed me to use my iPod with a Bluetooth speaker. I thought I had one from back when I was trying headphones with the unit, but it appeared to have pulled a Mandrake on me (i.e. vanished) and I needed a new one.

I found the Reiyin WT-01 Wireless Bluetooth transmitter at Amazon for $23.99. It plugs into the headphone jack and transmits to whatever Bluetooth device you need it to, in my case a Bluetooth speaker by iHome.

source: Amazon.com

Any time I’m going to buy an electronic doohickey from Amazon, I read the reviews, especially the less-than-complimentary ones. Granted, most of the one-star reviews are by people who got a broken unit or couldn’t make it work because they didn’t follow the cardinal rule of dealing with any sort of gadget (RTFD), but sometimes there are valid points, and the one thing I noticed a few people said was that the sound was less than perfect, and others said the range was less than idea and that there was a delay between the source and the destination. In my case, these weren’t an issue: the signal is being played on a 2″ (50 mm) speaker, and it’s basically white noise, so fidelity wasn’t an issue (and I’m hardly an audiophile, anyway). So I ordered it.

I had no trouble pairing it with the speaker, it got the job done, and I’m not accidentally throwing the speaker around the room when I pick up my iPod. The one complaint I have is that, at 2.62″ x 0.56″ x 0.69″ (67 mm x 14 mm x 18 mm), it’s a little big. If I were taking it on the road with me, it might be an issue, but since I’m not, it isn’t.

So, I think it’s worth what I paid for it.

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: My Latest Purchase

  1. Good solution. I wonder if they make the inverse – a bluetooth receiver that you can plug headphones into. Now that iPhones no longer include a headphone jack, that would be useful fro someone like my wife, who prefers a wired connection to her head. I’ll have to give a look.


    1. They do, in fact, at least according to the flyer with the instructions. Also (you probably knew this) Apple sends a little dongle with the phone that plugs into the lightning port that she can plug a standard set of headphones into, as well as a pair of earbuds with a microphone (that also plug into the lightning port) she can use with the phone. It’s a pain in the neck (I end up carrying the dongle in my wallet so I know where it is) but serves the purpose. I hear now that they plan to replace the lightning connector with a USB-C port…

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  2. John,

    Bluetooth is a cool feature. I use it on my mobile devices when I want to airdrop a picture or document from one device to another. My Apple pencil communicates with my iPad via Bluetooth. The downside is using this feature does drain the battery fast so I do not like using it when I’m away from home very much otherwise I don’t mind. It’s nice to know of such a gizmo. DH’s has a couple of old iPod Touches which he never uses anymore since getting the iPad Mini. I’m not sure if they are Bluetooth enabled or not but it doesn’t really matter since they are not his preferred gadgets these days. As I said, it’s still good to know that you can get an adapter to work in older technology. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I don’t usually read them for books, because a lot of those reviews are spam and were paid for by the author (yes, it’s unethical, and yes, I know there are a few who do it anyway), but I do for the other products, especially electronics and expensive purchases, because they’re usually pretty reliable. Plus, it’s fun to read the bad reviews from people who clearly didn’t read the instructions…

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  3. Cool. I am glad you found a solution! Just FYI, they also make headphones that sit on a certain bone so that you hear music etc over the tinnitus. I’ve got a friend who has a set.


    1. Problem with headphones is you have to lie on your back, and if I do that I keep Mary awake with my snoring, so I sleep on my sides. It’s a good idea, but not one that would work in my situation. I’ve tried the headphones that are like a sweatband, and I guess my head was bigger than they anticipated, because I couldn’t get both speakers to cover my ears….

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  4. Sounds like a great purchase for you! I’ve never tried white noise to lull me to sleep, though I ‘ve thought about it many times. I blogged about my most recent purchase as well!


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