BATLE OF THE BANDS: “That’s Why I’m Cryin'” Results

My last battle was between two Ladies of the Blues, Koko Taylor and Janiva Magness, to see who did a better rendition of Magic Sam’s “That’s Why I’m Cryin’.” After all the votes have been counted, we have a tie!

Koko Taylor: 5

Janiva Magness: 5

As has become my custom, rather than casting a vote, I’ll let the result stand rather than casting a tie-breaking vote. Besides, I wouldn’t know who to give it to: both versions are superb, as are both singers. I might be tempted to give it to Koko, since I have fond memories of her, but Janiva is just too good. So, congratulations to both ladies.

I have next Friday’s battle sitting in the queue, so be sure and join us then!

7 thoughts on “BATLE OF THE BANDS: “That’s Why I’m Cryin'” Results

  1. John,

    Those ties are hard. Maybe, that’s what I should do on the rare occasion I have a tie. I hate being the tie-breaker. lol Thanks for sharing the results of your showdown. Until Monday, have a good weekend, my friend!


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