Two for Tuesday: Chris Geith

The Weather Channel (US) used to be one of the best places to hear smooth jazz. Six times an hour, during their “Local on the 8’s” segments, they would display the current conditions and forecast accompanied by a smooth jazz number. TWC actually produced a couple of albums over the years, which are sort of collector’s items now that they’re playing pop music instead. Anyway, if you watched The Weather Channel up until a few years ago, there’s a better than average chance you’ve heard keyboardist Chris Geith (rhymes with “bite”). I first heard of Chris on Facebook, although I can’t remember if he contacted me or I just found him there. In any event, he’s recorded five albums, the first, Prime Time (2007) recorded as the Chris Geith Group, and has collaborated with guitarist David Wells on a sixth.

He’s recorded extensively for TV, for shows such as Hometime (PBS), That’s My Baby (Animal Planet), and Behind the Music (VH-1), as well as playing piano for Julie Andrews and opening for Paul Anka. The band has been #1 in smooth jazz, jazz fusion, and contemporary urban/R&B on the site Prime Time was selected “Top Net CD” with over 1.4 milion downloads.

From 2008’s Timeless World, here is “Restless Heart.”

From his most recent album, 2016’s Well Tempered Love, the title track.

Chris has a YouTube channel where you can listen to all his albums and link to him on social media.

Chris Geith, your Two for Tuesday, February 12, 2018.

5 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Chris Geith

    1. Really? What about Duke Ellington and Count Basie? ;) I know what you mean, though. I’ve featured a few piano players so far (David Benoit, Dave Grusin, Bob James, Brian Culbertson, Joe Sample…), but it’s usually the guitarists and sax players that get the attention.

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    1. Chances are you’ve heard him before and not realized it. That’s true of a lot of the artists I’ve featured and plan to feature in the series: many of them were (and most still are) session players who have backed rock and R&B acts who have decided to do something for themselves.


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