A Somewhat Delayed Week That Was

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My final paper for my bachelor’s degree was about Justin Dart, who built Rexall Drug Store into an empire that included Tupperware.

The Week That Was

First, I’d like to pass along congratulations to my cousin once removed Sarah and her husband Rob, who are now parents of a bouncing baby boy, Joey. Congratulations also to Maura and Kevin, Sarah’s parents, and (Uncle) Jack and Loretta Connelly, Sarah’s grandparents. We love you all and are very happy for all of you.

I’m a little later than usual today: I decided to do something about the poor performance on my desktop Mac (I’ve been getting constant Spinning Beach Balls of Death when I try to do anything) and ran a disk check on my hard drive (which is about 80% full, of what I haven’t a clue), thinking I might find something there. Nope! And it’s still running slow.

You might have received a message from WordPress that I’m now following you. I’ve actually been following you all along, but I’m now trying to use the WordPress feed reader to see if I can get rid of Feedly, which is expensive, at least for the features I have been using. I can apparently add all my RSS feeds (including from Blogspot and pretty much anywhere else) to it, so I’m going to give it a try. It’s giving me an excuse to weed out all the dead RSS feeds I’ve been carrying. More on that later. Right now, here’s the weekly summary.

The prompt “river/stream/brook” put me in a Scottish mood (cue Mike Myers: If it’s not from Scotland, it’s CRRRRRAP!) and I shared “Song of the Clyde,” a tribute to the river that starts in the Highlands and flows to the Firth of Clyde, upon which rests bonnie Glasgow.

My mini-M4 series on the #40’s on the WLS survey continued with 1963.

Our series on Smooth Jazz artists continued with the music of Chris Geith.

I used a line from my father-in-law, who always encouraged Mary and I to get the most for our money, which we’ve been doing a lot lately.

I found another angle on the “perfection” prompt and talked about being bored in kindergarten and checking out the artwork in everyone’s cigar boxes. I was always bored in kindergarten, so I checked out a lot of cigar box lids.

We visited Fox FM, also known as 3FOX in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and checked out their Top 10 from 1990.

My latest Battle of the Bands pits British instrumental band The Shadows, led by guitarist Hank Marvin, against Danish guitarist Jørgen Ingmann in a battle over the song “Apache.” You have until Friday to vote, if you haven’t already done so. Remember, you can vote in the Battle of the Bands even if you’re not a participant.

The prompt “yawn” led me to further discussion about the general tedium of school and how I wish I had the guts to tell my teachers just how bored I was with school, repercussions be damned.

It’ll be a pretty much status quo week here. Cathy, this month’s guest conductor on M4, wants to celebrate National Battery Month tomorrow, so I’m going to have to come up with a goofy angle on the four prompt words, “smoke,” “alarm,” “battery,” and “charge.” Aside from that, we’ll do pretty much what we do every week.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

9 thoughts on “A Somewhat Delayed Week That Was

  1. I’m sure it’s a pain diagnosing your slow moving Mac. At least you’re able to do that though. If something goes wrong for me my solution is buy a new one. Well I might restart or disk clean up but if that doesn’t work I’m out of luck.


    1. I think I can move a lot of stuff onto the backup drive (gee, it’s only 3 terabytes; I can put EVERYTHING on the backup drive three or four times…) and improve response time tremendously. I might just do that….

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  2. Thanks for the comments acknowledging the birth of Joey, our first great grandchild. All involved parties are doing well. Thanks again, John.


  3. WordPress Reader is now my new ritual in place of reading the news with my morning coffee. Makes that first cup of joe a little more palatable.


    1. I’ve all but given up reading the newspaper and watching the news on TV. I pick up a lot from social media and online sources. More time to read blogs, then.


  4. Lovely to hear about your week, sorry your comp isn’t working full speed. It was the same with mine–I realised I needed to free up some space on it.

    I’m using the free Feedly, which serves my purposes–my WordPress has been wonky–I’m trying to get notifications form those I follow when they put up a post, but that isn’t working out all that well.


    1. I’m using the paid Feedly, which is $65 a year; I think there’s a limit to how many feeds you can follow with the free version, and I was well beyond that, plus I wanted to be able to use IFTTT, though there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to do that, either. A lot of the feeds I’m following are dead (or seem so), so this is a good excuse to clean them out. Either Digg or Delicious has a feed reader that seems pretty good, too, so I’m doing my research…

      This morning, everything is working fine, although that might be because the only thing I’m running is the browser. Throw Evernote and Spotify on top of that, and things get jugged up in a hurry. I probably need to clean off the hard drive, maybe move my iTunes Library to a secondary drive…


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