Moday’s Music Moves Me: Smoke Alarm Battery Charge (Change?)

Cathy pulled out her calendar again for this week’s M4 theme. Evidently today is National Battery Day, so have a good one. She gave us four words, smoke, alarm, battery and charge, around which to center our songs. I added a fifth, change, because I thought there might have been some miscommunication; after all, Time Change Sunday is coming, a day when we not only change the clocks, we change the batteries in the smoke detectors. Sound good?

So, the list starts with two songs about smoke. First is Buck Owens, the Bard of Bakersfield, with his cover of Red Ingle and His Natural Seven’s “Cigareets, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women.” I usually use the version done by Peter Sellers and The Muppets, so I figured you could use a break. Then, “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke That Cigarette,” the 1947 original by Tex Williams, who wrote it with the Dean of Fingerstyle Guitar Players, Merle Travis.

Next, a couple about alarm. First is “Incense and Peppermints,” the 1967 hit by Strawberry Alarm Clock (see what I did there?). It was their one and only hit, reaching #1 and earning a Gold record. Next is Peter, Paul & Mary’s “If I Had A Hammer,” because, after all, hammering/ringing/singing out danger and warning sounds like an alarm to me.

On to battery… now, in this case, I relied on the fact that the French word for a drum kit is la batterie and chose a couple of songs that feature some amazing drumming. First, a couple of scenes from the 1941 comedy classic Ball of Fire, which starred Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck and featured the incredible drumming of Gene Krupa, appearing with his orchestra, on “Drum Boogie.” Miss Barbara’s voice was dubbed by Martha Tilton on the song. Then, The Surfaris with their 1963 hit song “Wipeout.” A friend of mine (who came from another school) said that he and his friends all owned copies of the record and would play the drum part on their desks when the nun was out of the room.

Next is charge. To do this, I looked up songs that had “charge” in the title, coming up with the finale of Rossini’s “William Tell,” also a part of the Overture and the theme song for the radio and TV versions of The Lone Ranger, and a song called “Charge” done by an electronic band called Bossfight. I have no clue if this is music from a video game or just stands on its own, but I thought it sounded interesting.

Finally, since I thought change was appropriate (also giving me five groups of two songs), we have a couple of “lite rawk!” favorites: The Little River Band’s “Cool Change” from their 1979 album Just Under The Wire, a song that reached #4 in the US that year, and Jimmy Buffet’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” title track from his 1977 album.

And that’s your Monday’s Music Moves Me for February 18, 2019.

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31 thoughts on “Moday’s Music Moves Me: Smoke Alarm Battery Charge (Change?)

  1. Hi John – clever to think of batterie of drums and mention of the ‘Lone Ranger’ – but I do enjoy William Tell. The other pieces I don’t know – but that’s because I’m just an unknowing … but glad your batteries haven’t run down – and congratulations on the take -cheers Hilary


  2. I can barely remember “Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette” being played on the radio when I was a child. I considered posting “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”. I remember seeing Gene Krupa and his contemporary Buddy Rich on Ed Sullivan from time to time. During that instrumental period of the early sixties drum solos were a staple of every high school garage band. Nice collection of tunes today. Well done. Have a blessed week.


  3. Oh my gosh, you really did your homework my friend. I’m sorry to say I remember each and every one of these and it so reminds me of home. My mama loved music & my big brother was a drummer. He used to play wipe out & after a while it drove my mother nuts that’s when he had to move his practicing to the garaging. Oh my, and he was really good. Never had any complaints from the neighbors either. Junior could play Rebel Rouser & Wipe Out too & very well I might add. He had a band when he was young, but then got married & his drum days were over. 😦 I sure miss him a lot!!! 😦 Anyway, to get on with your great selection. The Lone Ranger we use to watch on Sunday morning my brother & I while mama cooked breakfast. Me wait here Kemosabe (hope I didn’t kill that spelling)! Check it out we both thought about the same thing.. hehehe! CHARGE!!! lol Your computer CHARGE was unique. Great job there my friend!~ Dolphins were awesome… my MIL went swimming with them once & she said it was an awesome experience! Glad you added “Change”! Great idea my friend… you totally ROCK! HUGS… thanks for rockin’ our world! GREAT JOB INDEED!


    1. That was us on Sunday: The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, and if it wasn’t baseball season, alternating Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chan movies. We went to 12:15 Mass, so it was after 1 when we got out, and by the time breakfast was ready, we were starved… those were the days when you had to fast 3 hours from food, so we hadn’t eaten since the night before. One Sunday Jim almost went into hypoglycemic shock, and Mom made him eat. I don’t know why we didn’t think of not waiting for Mom and Dad and going to an earlier Mass. I mean, church was a block away (literally: we lived at 6459 and church was at 6559)…


  4. John,

    I loved how you put your own spin to this theme which was challenging to say the least. I, especially like how you found a French word that looks like the word battery but translates as a drum kit and you picked a pAwesome song for that with “Wipe Out”. I got a kick out of “Calvary Charge”. Mike’s Rambling used this, too. You have a furtastic playlist. Thanks for hitting the dance floor and here’s to a boogietastic week, my friend!


  5. Fantastic selections! Several were new to me, but I was surprised that I hadn’t heard the Buck Owens one before now. I also used a band with “alarm” in their name as my selection. I just couldn’t find anything else right to share.


    1. I think they’re pretty easygoing about the rules, really. If it doesn’t exactly fit the theme, they tend not to care… I knew Buck had done “Cigareets…” but never heard it, so it was a good excuse to play it.


      1. I’ll bow to your knowledge on the Ovation – can’t find anything on it to identify it. Of the other two on show one is a Westfield (electric) the other is a Crafter (acoustic). He also has an acoustic Martin.


  6. Puff, puff (so to speak) – I could barely keep up with your post towards the end, especially with all the drumming! My husband was taught some drums by a high school friends but never took any official lessons – Wipeout is one of his favs and I called him to the computer to liste. Gene Krupa…sigh! Little River Band, William Tell, and the first two songs about cigarettes or smoking are long-ago songs I remember well. I’m exhausted but I always depend on you to put a special twist on things, and you sure delivered!


  7. I can admit, I never knew a lot of the songs featured in your post beforehand. I know artists (Peter, Paul, and Mary, Jimmy Buffet, and Little River Band). But I don’t really pay attention to their discographies. It really hasn’t crossed my musical radar yet. Thanks for the songs though!


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