Two for Tuesday: Keiko Matsui

I recently renewed my Spotify Premium subscription (actually started a new one, which earned me 250 Starbucks stars; gotta work the angles, you know) and became recacquainted with the music of smooth jazz and New Age keyboardist Keiko Matsui. Matsui-san started the piano at age 5 and became interested in jazz and composition in junior high school (roughly between age 11 and 14, a pretty amazing feat). She studied children’s culture at Japan Women’s College, then studied at the Yamaha Music Foundation. During that time she started the band Cosmos, with whom she recorded 8 albums, and met her husband, New Age shakuhachi (a traditional Japanese bamboo flute) player Kazu Matsui, who produced her first solo album, 1987’s A Drop Of Water. Her music blends Eastern and Western music with her compositions.

From her 2013 album Soul Quest, “Dream Seeker.”

From her 1995 album Sapphire, “Safari.”

The list of tour dates on her website indicates she’ll be working in and around Russia for the month of March.

Keiko Matsui, your Two for Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

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