BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Apache” Results

I’m getting really good at this Battle of the Bands thing: this is the second time in a row this has happened.

The Shadows: 6

Jørgen Ingmann: 6

Well, congratulations, then, to both contestants. I know I can cast a deciding vote, but I usually don’t do that, and if I did, I’d have to split it, because both versions are excellent.

Anyway, our next battle will be next Friday, March 1, so be sure and join us then!

8 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Apache” Results

    1. Before I had done this battle, I had only heard the Jorgen Ingmann version, though I figured The Ventures had done it. The Shadows were a dynamite instrumental group that never had a hit single here, even though I’m certain they were on tour here on one of those big marathon shows they used to have.

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  1. The Shadows were Cliff Richards’ backing band and I remember them well, but not for this song. I preferred their version, but the other one was good too, so the result seems appropriate.


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