So, Which Are The Gross Ones? #1LinerWeds

As many of you probably are aware, this is the annual cookie drive for the Girl Scouts. At our parish, they sell Girl Scout cookies on the concourse outside of church after Masses on Sunday. This morning, Mary was leaving church and was walking in front of two young teenaged girls. As she passed the table where they were selling cookies, she heard one say this to the other:

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Robert DeNiro for the 1970 American Motors Ambassador.

25 thoughts on “So, Which Are The Gross Ones? #1LinerWeds

  1. LOL – that’s so funny! We bought cookies last year, after many years’ break in doing so, and were shocked at how small and how few cookies were in the packages compared to when I sold them as a child! Yikes! Happy Wednesday, John!


    1. You hardly get any cookies in those boxes anymore. I can knock one of those boxes off in about ten minutes. I can understand they want to keep the price down where you don’t have to take out a loan to buy them, but…

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  2. LOVE that commercial! They had to identify De Niro. Nobody would have recognized him without f-bombs spilling from his mouth-lol! Girl Scout cookies were on sale at our church this past Sunday, but I resisted. I’d be better off just making a donation. If there are still some this coming week, now that I think of it, I’ll buy a couple of boxes and give them away. Diets are hell.


    1. The Girl Scouts at my parish have a thing where you can buy the cookies and donate them to the servicepeople overseas. You buy the cookies, and they have a barrel you can put them in. At the end of the drive (or when they fill up a barrel) they donate the cookies to the USO or some other organization to send to wherever troops are stationed. That way you can donate to two causes. I think that’s a pretty classy idea.

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  3. Haha! sounds like many conversations I heard from teenagers over the years I taught. My rule then was that I would buy ONE of each thing kids were selling. I would not buy from everyone! Too expensive.


    1. There was a girl in the neighborhood that was always the first one out selling the cookies the first day of the drive, and we used to buy from her because you could tell the kid was going places. Now, if we buy them, we get them at church, where our Girl Scout troop sells them on the concourse outside. They are expensive, especially if you look at the per-cookie price.

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    1. Thin Mints are the traditional favorites. I think there’s a federal law that says you have to buy Thin Mints if you buy Girl Scout cookies (or at least there should be). Haven’t had the Savannah Smiles; if we buy some this year, I’ll request them. Lemon is tasty and refreshing. Lately Mary’s been buying lemon cake at the store, and it’s really good.

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  4. I can’t help but get an assortment. Brings back memories. I consider my purchase more of a donation seeing how small the cookies have become. Without selling cookies I couldn’t have gone to camp. My sales funded me three summer in a row.


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