Song Lyric Sunday: “Candy Man”

Another one of those songs that just jumped right into my lap, and it even fits the theme (well, sort of). I was originally thinking of Sammy Davis Jr.’s song, from the 1971 movie Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, but this seems to be just as good. There wasn’t a Wikipedia article on it, other than a blurb that said it as the flip side of 1961’s “Crying.” Working off the record label, it was written by Beverly Ross and Fred Neil, and Roy was accompanied by Bob Moore’s Orchestra and Chorus. I saw him do this in concert, and he played the harmonica, though I’m not sure he did here.

The lyrics, from MetroLyrics:

Come on, baby, let me take you by the hand
Come on, sugar, let me take you by the hand
Go for me, let me be
All your own candy, your candy, candy man

Yeah, come on, baby, I love your honey lovin’ ways
Baby sweet thing, I love your honey lovin’, your honey lovin’ ways
Come to me, let me be
All your own candy, your candy, candy man

Come on woman, gonna treat you right
Give you candy kisses every single night

Candy man, candy man, candy man, candy man

Go for me let me be
All your own candy, your candy, candy man

Candy, candy, candy
I got a treat
All your own candy, your candy, candy man

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday for March 3, 2019.

27 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: “Candy Man”

  1. Loved this song, although the video seems to have been removed. Thankfully there are others out there on YouTube for those who do not know the song. Great memory.


        1. That could be due to where you live. I get a lot of “this video blocked in your country.” Except, of course, you’re probably in the same country as I am… are you using a VPN? Sometimes that will put your assumed location outside the US. I run into that a lot.

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  2. I think that this song is about being a lover, but Google says that a candyman is a person who sells illegal drugs and I don’t think that Roy Orbison was into that. Anyway I loved the song.


  3. Love it! The Sammy Davis song would also have been a great choice, but I’m glad this is the one you decided on. It’s new to me, and I think finding new songs is the best part of Song Lyric Sunday. ❀


    1. This was a B-side (the A side was “Crying”) so it didn’t get played much if at all. I heard him do it in concert and remembered it when the prompt came up. Glad you liked it.


  4. I love that harmonica intro, immediately tells you what song it is. Roy Orbison had so many hits and this is a great tune. Way better than SD Jr song!


        1. Sammy was a tremendous entertainer, but that doesn’t mean he always did material that was worthy of his talent. He made that record when the world was nuts about “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory,” probably thinking he wanted to cash in on it. And he did…

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          1. follow the money…. makes sense in the world of entertainment. Have you ever read Sammy’s autobiography? It’s on my list of to-read. I read a review of it awhile back and it sounds really good.


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