Can Everyone See This Picture?

LiveJournal, on which I still have an account, says that I can embed pictures from it into just about everywhere else and they’ll show up. I tried this somewhere else and no, the picture didn’t show up (or was “blocked”). Anyway, I’ve embedded another above (someone at work wanted to take a picture of me, so I struck a pose). Can you see it?

30 thoughts on “Can Everyone See This Picture?

    1. I have a lot of pictures in my LiveJournal album that I forgot I had, and they said I could store pictures in that album (which is 15 gigabytes) and show them here. First time I tried it was on a Blogger blog we have for the A to Z moderators, and the pictures didn’t appear, so I wanted to be sure that wouldn’t happen here.


  1. It might be someone else because whoever it is looks terrific! The weather looks nice, too.


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