Writer’s Workshop: Fans, Fanatics, and Fanny

We live in the South, and as you can imagine it gets pretty hot here during the summer. We have air conditioning (in fact, we replaced it last year with a unit by Carrier that’s really energy efficient), but on the really hot summer days, there’s nothing like a fan to stir the air up and make it feel even cooler.

A fan like the one we have. Ours stands on the floor. Source: Pixabay

The best thing about a fan is that it’s a great source of white noise. In fact, I have an app on my phone called Sleep Fan that makes the noise of a fan that I sometimes sleep to. I have a bunch of apps that make noise appropriate for sleep, as well as a lot of recordings of rain and thunder. They help me sleep, because I have tinnitus and the ringing in my ears keeps me awake. You know what I think would be even better than the recordings? A real fan, like a box fan.

Box fan. Source: Pixabay.

I have a little fan in my office by Vornado which helps the cool air coming from the register in my office circulate around the room. It’s an inexpensive little thing, but really does a good job of cooling things off, especially in conjunction with my ceiling fan.

Vornado fan, like the one in my office. Source: Amazon

I was visiting my mother years ago, and she lent me her copy of Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain, the story of how Merton chose the monastic life among the Trappists in Kentucky. He died under suspicious circumstances in Thailand: He was there for a monastic conference, where he gave a talk. He went back to his room and didn’t come back. They went into his room and found him lying on the floor clutching a fan, which had apparently shorted out. At least, that’s the story. Rumors have circulated for years that he was assassinated by the CIA. I’m not sure what to believe there, but if you want to read one of the great works of spirituality, read The Seven Storey Mountain.

Thomas Merton. Source: Wikipedia, Fair Use.

You might say I’m a fan (short for “fanatic”) of Thomas Merton, a weird thing to say given the way he died. I’m a fan of a lot of things, for example vintage TV, music, logos, and baseball. But you knew that…

To end off on a musical note, here’s a band called Fanny, with their big hit from 1971, “Charity Ball.” I’m a fan of theirs, or at least I was. I guess I still am.

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Fans, Fanatics, and Fanny

  1. We are in a deep freeze so we are not using fans just yet. I also have the ringing in The ears which can be irksome but I can normally drain it out…meaning I don’t listen to it if that makes sense.


  2. I like quiet when I sleep as opposed to hubby who likes the sound of fans and air cleaners. We have one ceiling fan in the great room that runs all summer and floor fans in the bedrooms. I could do without most of them.


  3. So you’re a fan guy…could be a deal breaker in some relationships because that white noise is not for everyone! That being said, I bought a giant industrial-sized fan and kept it on it’s highest/loudest setting in my kids rooms when they were babies. I didn’t want my loud daycare to wake them from their naps and it totally worked. You could hear a THING outside of that room with their fan going! 🙂


    1. It started when I was in the hospital. Even though you’d think it’d be nice and quiet at night while all the patients were trying to sleep, that’s usually when they were vacuuming the halls and polishing the floors. (And there was the phlebotomist that would show up at 3 AM, turn on every light in the room, and talk to me in his outside voice…) it sounds almost counterintuitive that the best thing to block out noise is more noise, but it works…


  4. My hubby and I like fans and have several of them placed around our abode. I like the feeling of moving air plus the noise helps block out my tinnitus, as well. I’m pretty good at blocking out the ringing in my ears by focusing on something else or listening to music.


  5. We live in Florida and I fans are everywhere in the house to keep that cool A/C moving once it’s on and to bring in the cool spring or fall air when it’s in season. Fans on every ceiling, 2 standing fans and a box. I find the white noise comforting as well.


  6. Here in Georgia there are days when the air conditioning doesn’t help much, it’s so hot out. That’s when the fans really help. We set the ceiling fans to draw the hot air up during the summer and down in winter, and it really makes a difference.


  7. I like the sound of a fan, too. We have a ceiling fan over our bed and it runs all but when I clean it.
    My in-laws old guest room was right over the furnace and it would get too hot in there, so we’d set up a box fan, and oh my word, I slept so well! 🙂 They say it’s bad to have that level of wind pushed in your face all night, but I don’t think a few nights here and there are too bad.


      1. I’ll ask my RT friend, so I can say it better next time. Who knows what THEY know. THEY are always trying to take away fun 😉 Not the RTs, just THEY!


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