BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “If Not For You” Results

My last two battles both ended in ties, and I was honestly wondering what I’d do if this one ended in a tie as well. I thought I might end up breaking my own rule and choosing a favorite to break the tie. Turns out, I didn’t need to…

Phil Keaggy: 9

Rod Stewart: 4

That’s a rather decisive win for Phil, I’d say. Congratulations to him and a pat on the back for Rod Stewart, who put up a good fight.

Our next Battle of the Bands is next Friday, March 15. Be sure and join us then!

10 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “If Not For You” Results

  1. John,

    I went with the winner this time. Yay for me! I’m glad you didn’t have to be the tiebreaker in this showdown, as evident with Keaggy’s jump with the votes. See ya around Blogosphere, my friend!


    1. I do everything I can to avoid even the appearance of trying to influence the vote. It’s why I don’t usually comment on the votes and why I don’t cast tie-breaking votes.

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    1. I really like his instrumental work, especially on his “Beyond Nature” album. That was on heavy rotation in my car driving to and from work.


    1. I posted it on the 2nd rather than the 1st, so it probably got buried before you saw it. I think I’ll start pinning them to the top of the list so more people find it.


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