The “Spring Forward” 2019 Edition of The Week That Was

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The Week That Was

I’m writing this yesterday (well, today where I am, but you’re not going to see it until tomorrow, which is today where you are) because I’m not sure what condition I’m in. Last night was the first of two “Time Change Sundays” we have each year, one to set the clocks forward (which we did at 2 AM today) and the other to set them back (which happens at 2 AM on November 3 this year). We used to start Daylight Saving Time on the last Sunday in April and end it on the last Sunday of October. You’ve already heard me grouse about it many times in the past, so I’ll stop there. The point is that it throws off my body clock for at least a week every time the clock changes, and I wish they’d just knock it off. The same goes for the rain we’re getting a lot of lately. So, let’s just put that all behind us and get on with the summary.

The prompt “occupation” brought Roy Orbison’s “Candy Man” immediately to mind. I know “candy man” isn’t necessarily an occupation, but it was close enough for Song Lyric Sunday and I didn’t want to use the song “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr. That was a good move, as it turned out, because apparently no one (including Sammy Davis Jr.) likes that one.

Patrick, March’s “honorary conductor” for M4, siezed upon the fact that March is “Music In Our Schools Month” and requested songs that educated. My list included a couple of “Schoolhouse Rock!” episodes, The Three Stooges “Swingin’ The Alphabet,” Pentatonix counting to five, and a song from an oft-forgotten Chicago children’s show, and five primarily R&B songs that talk about school or mention school in the lyrics.

Oh yeah, and I tested whether a picture from my LiveJournal photo album would be seen here if I put it in my blog without adding it to the photo album here. I was having trouble pasting from it on a Blogger blog that we A to Z moderators use for communication. That blog was blocking the images. The title of the picture, by the way, is “Never Point A Camera At John Holton And Ask Him To Smile.”

Smooth jazz trumpeter Rick Braun was the featured artist.

I decided that I don’t post enough music to this blog and decided to take part in yet another music-oriented blog hop, Laura’s Weekly Song Challenge. In her blog hop, she puts three prompts out there and asks us to find a song that fits each prompt. I think I did all right for the first time.

My one-liner was my reaction to seeing a rather spectacular musical number from a Bollywood movie.I should watch more musical numbers from Bollywood movies.

The prompt was to riff on the word “fan,” and in typical fashion I was all over the place, writing about fans, Thomas Merton (who, if the official report is to be believed, was killed by a short circuit in a fan), what it means to be a fan, and ending up with a video of the all-girl band Fanny doing their lone major hit, “Charity Ball” from 1971.

We visited WMEX in Boston to check out their survey from March 8, 1963.

I announced the results of my latest Battle of the Bands, which saw Phil Keaggy go up against Rod Stewart on the song “If Not For You.” Phil beat Rod the Mod by a safe margin.

Choosing one of the prompt words, “bash,” gave me an opportunity to discuss what life was like at our annual bash for Technical Support Reps at my old company. I’m lucky to be alive, I think.

Busy week ahead, with preparations for the A to Z Challenge and a whole lot of music blogging ahead. We’ll have a Battle of the Bands again this Friday and all the regular features the rest of the week as I prepare A to Z entries for both this blog and the Challenge blog.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

15 thoughts on “The “Spring Forward” 2019 Edition of The Week That Was

    1. Mary and I both got up an hour later than we usually do, which is the time we usually get up but because of the clock thing… We’re going to need to start getting ourselves on clock time pretty soon.

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        1. Hope that situation works itself out soon. Mary copes with insomnia on occasion. Me, I have no trouble, apart from having to go to the bathroom a lot (all the lymph drains during the night).


  1. I mean c’mon who gets to decide these things??? We should revolt. No more time changes! Have a nice week and hope you get back into sync quickly.


    1. This being a republic, that would be our mis-Representatives and Senile-tors who get to decide. We have nothing major planned for the week and will probably be back to what passes for normal by the end of the week.

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  2. Nice week, John. We’ve had a lot of rain too and it is hampering my move into my new studio :( On a positive note, spring training is here! I hate spring forward too!


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