Writer’s Workshop: A Few Recent Laughs

I have a Pinterest board called “Funny!” where I post things that make me laugh. Whenever I feel a little down, I go out there to look and laugh. Not everything is appropriate for a family blog like this (the funnier it is, the less appropriate it is for here), so follow the link if you want to see what a strange person I am. Here are a couple of the ones I feel comfortable sharing here.


The English language might be one of the hardest on Earth to master, and it would appear that Asians have the most trouble translating things that make perfect idiomatic sense in their native language into it. Take this, for example, a sign found in a hotel bathroom in Thailand. This is from Engrish.com, where a lot of these are collected.

Jim Gaffigan

I think Jim Gaffigan is hilarious, because his observations are absolutely spot on. I follow him on Instagram and YouTube. A lot of his comedy centers around food, like this bit.


Lamebook takes strange and funny things from Facebook and Twitter. This was just posted the other day. For those who don’t know, Lawrence is where the University of Kansas is located. My nephew Bryan is a proud graduate, not necessarily because of this.

There’s plenty more on the board!

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: A Few Recent Laughs

  1. I love the idea of a list I can go back to with things to make me laugh. I’m definitely following that link 🙂


    1. Everything’s fine. I didn’t get a chance to write today’s Friday 5×2 until this morning amid all kinds of other stuff I had to do.I usually try to get things done a day ahead of time, but spent yesterday writing A to Z stuff.


  2. Gaffigan is one of those modern age anomalies of the clean comic who is also funny. He makes great observations about things like food and modern life and never has to resort to naughtiness in his language. “Hot Pockets”!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. A lot of people said the same thing about Chad and Karen.

      The first instruction on the toilet thing makes sense. A friend of mine did some training in Thailand, and evidently they still use squat toilets there. She was saying that a lot of women would stand on the seat and squat down.

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  3. Ha, ha, ha—the police story. Real life is sometimes funnier then fiction. The translation thing was funny, too. English doesn’t “translate” all that well sometimes. I translated a German cooking blog on baking eggs in muffin tins to English and on baking them, I believe it meant to say, “bake until firm.” What it literally translated to was; “bake until hammered.” I about fell off my chair laughing. “Hammered” means something quite different in English slang.


    1. Mary bought a knitting machine that was made by a Japanese company, and as she was assembling it, she came to the instruction “attach rid.” She looked at the picture and realized they were trying to say “attach lid”…


  4. I did see the Lawrence, Kansas one! I have a few friends that live there, so they share the funny stuff from their PD. Chad and Karen need to be adults.


  5. I love the Thai notice about toilet use…that is funny. That comic, I’ve seen him before and he is funny and the point about appetizers is so true same with the doggy bag. I wish the stupid stand off is an isolated event but I have seen this before, a couple of times, I just shake my head


    1. I went out to Twitter and looked up this stream of tweets, and someone made the comment that Chad and Karen probably have some history together. I can’t see two strangers getting into a standoff like this, although no doubt there are some who do. I think Dr. Seuss wrote a story about two strangers doing this, where each refused to move aside for the other…


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