Writer’ Workshop: Project A to Z

So, what have I been up to this week?

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

What am I ever doing during the month of March? Preparing for the A to Z Challenge, of course! I’ve gotten a late start on it this year, despite having been ready for this year’s challenge since the middle of last year’s. I just got started with writing my entries for my own blog, plus the entries I need to write for the Challenge blog. I’ll be doing A LOT of writing the next few days. Not like I don’t do a lot of writing, anyway, but it’s really picking up now.

My biggest writing problem is brevity. More like lack of it. I get going on some subjects and I start fretting that I’m not explaining myself clearly, or that some readers might not have the base knowledge they need to understand what I’m about to launch into, so I need to back up and lay the groundwork. Pretty soon I’m Sheldon Cooper trying to explain Physics to Penny.

(I know this is the last season of The Big Bang Theory, but we haven’t been watching it, because life is too short.)

When I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been getting looped in to Mary’s decluttering projects, which includes going through old photos. One good thing about that is that I found all the pictures I took when I was in Seattle over a weekend.

See? This is the only one I can actually identify…

As luck would have it, I took all the pictures on the one nice day I had there, which just happened to be on a Saturday. I remember seriously debating whether I should actually buy myself a digital camera to take all these pictures, but decided that was too expensive, after which I spent just about as much on single-use cameras and developing, and I still had no idea what I had photographed. Had I gone with the digital camera, I would have been able to download the pictures and have a ghost of a chance of remembering what I had photographed. (And before you ask, this was in 2003, when phones with cameras in them were in their infancy, and I didn’t have one.)

Anyway, back to work.

19 thoughts on “Writer’ Workshop: Project A to Z

  1. Physics and anything regarding science makes me feel like Penny. In fact, I couldn’t retain what she did:). I have boxes of photos and I need to place them in albums one day which i will. Funny, when I was in B. C. Last year, I brought our camera and neverbused it. I used my phone for pictures


        1. I have a friend who sold her Microsoft stock options and bought a house on Queen Anne’s Hill. In her case, though, she grew up there and still has a lot of family there. Me? It was hard enough to move to Atlanta from Chicago, and Mary said that was absolutely the last time she wants to do that. I think I’m here to stay, which isn’t a bad thing at all…

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  2. So many pictures is a dilemma I am facing with moving into my new studio! I know I should go through them but seriously, back to the 70’s? Not to mention the pictures I took from my mom when she was downsizing that go back to before I was born! I am not ready for the A to Z either but I’m gonna do my best to wing it. I do appreciate your informative explanations of how to do things. Last year was really helpful in learning how to put my blog info into a “signature” at the end of the comment.


  3. I don’t take photos like I sometimes wish I would. Still I have a lot of photos and negatives from over the years that are in need of sorting and organizing. So much to do and it seems not enough time to get it all done and yet I seem to have plenty of time to waste.

    Now I should really get started on my A to Z posts.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I’m finding that siting down and working your way through photos and negatives is something you really have to be in the mood for. We have heaps of pictures that Mary wants to go through but neither of us has been in any sort of mood to do so.


  4. I remember the days of blogging from A-Z. It took a lot of time and work. I’ve been getting away from blogging but did post something, today. Eventually, I plan to blog regularly to promote my store.


  5. Seattle is a gorgeous city. I visited there many moons ago while on my way to an Alaskan cruise. Our old photos will remain in albums, except the very special ones which I will scan and save to my computer.


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