The Friday 5×2: KNAK (1280 AM Salt Lake City), 1968

Last week we saw KCPX’s survey from this time in 1968, so let’s move down 40 kilohertz and see what they were playing at their competition, KNAK. You would expect that two stations in the same market would have pretty much the same stuff on their surveys, and that the Top 10 wouldn’t change much from week to week, so I was surprised to find that only two songs (well, three really) were shared between the two surveys. Pretty strange…

  1. The Troggs, “Love Is All Around” These guys hit it big with “Wild Thing” a couple of years earlier. This reached #7 nationally and was their last US single.
  2. Four Jacks and a Jill, “Master Jack” There’s something almost Karen Carpenter-eqsue about Glenys Lynne. At least I think so. Nationally it reached #18 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart.
  3. Manfred Mann, “Mighty Quinn” I had no idea Bob Dylan wrote this until I caught a glimpse of the record label. Peaked at #10 nationally.
  4. The Box Tops, “Cry Like A Baby” Some blue-eyed soul from these guys from Memphis. Their second-biggest hit reached #2 on the Billboard and Cash Box surveys (“The Letter” reached #1 the previous year) and was their last Top 10 hit.
  5. People, “I Love You” One of the songs from last week, where it topped KCPX’s chart.
  6. Georgie Fame, “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde” Georgie’s lone Top 10 US hit, it reached #7 nationally.
  7. The Beatles, “Lady Madonna” Went to #1 worldwide but wasn’t on any album until the Hey Jude album was released in the US.
  8. The Monkees, “Valleri” The flamenco-esque guitar solo was provided by session whiz Louis Shelton. Mike Nesmith isn’t especially fond of it. Reached #3 on the Hot 100 and #1 on Cash Box, the last of their Top 10 hits.
  9. Bobby Goldsboro, “Pledge of Love” The other song that was on KCPX’s survey last week.
  10. Bobby Goldsboro, “Honey” Bob Shane’s version of this song was #7 on the other station, which I find a bit odd. If Bobby Goldsboro’s definitive version was available, why didn’t we see it last week?

Anyway, that’s The Friday 5×2 for March 22, 2019.

5 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: KNAK (1280 AM Salt Lake City), 1968

  1. The station I told you about in Pittsburgh (KQV) had a disc jockey named Jim Quinn – “Mighty Quinn” became his theme song and got airplay long after it was a hit.


  2. Great songs! Think I’ll listen while I move stuff around in the studio later, except for Honey. Happy Friday, John. One more week – yikes!


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