The “Last Day of 62” Week That Was

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Don’t you just hate when they do that? On the other hand, free cake!

The Week That Was

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday. My uncle Jack tells the story that he was in the Army in Texas when he got the letter that I had been born, along with a picture. He remarked that I looked like Minnie Minoso of the Chicago White Sox.

Minnie Minoso (source:Wikipedia/Bowman Gum [Public domain])

The weird thing is, in my “five minutes after birth” picture (I couldn’t find one, sorry), I did kind of look like Minnie. Plus, I’ve been a White Sox fan all my life.

Preparations are underway for the A to Z Challenge: I’m about halfway through the alphabet for my own stuff, and I need to start my A to Z blog entries because my first entry is a week from this coming Wednesday. I’ll get there, J, I promise…

Here’s the summary for last week.

Interesting that no one remarked that I had titled my post “Sing Lyric Sunday.” See, I and O are close to each other and I hit the wrong one… Anyway, last week’s topic was “books, learning, school,” and my song was Tom Lehrer’s “New Math,” of which I was one of the first victims.

Our assignment was “songs by people who have birthdays in March,” of which there are a ton. So many, in fact, that I stopped at 14 people and I have another 14 lined up for tomorrow, and I skipped a few of the more famous ones.

Saxophonist/flautist Najee was the featured artist.

I reposted something that Kristen Lamb had posted to Instagram that I thought was funny, and apparently most of you thought it was funny, too.

I talked about some current projects, including the A to Z Challenge and scanning a whole bunch of pictures and old documents.

We visited another Salt Lake City station, KNAK, in 1968 and realized that its survey and KCPX’s were really different.

We were to base our entry on our most recent postal mail. As I got a sales flyer from AT&T, I wrote about my relationship with the telephone. At the end I posted a collection of clips from the Britcom Keeping Up Appearances, which starred Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “boo-kay”). A running gag is that the Bucket residence’s phone number is one digit removed from a Chinese restaurant’s, and hearing her deal with the callers giving her orders is always hilarious. The show is now on Britbox, but a number of PBS stations in the US still carry it, so check local listings.

I announced the winner in my latest battle, over who did the better verion of “How High The Moon.” Lola Albright won a decisive victory over June Christy.

Pretty much the same as the week we just finished, as I race to completemy A to Z entries.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

24 thoughts on “The “Last Day of 62” Week That Was

  1. Best of the birthday wishes to you, John! We only have two March birthdays to note. The holiday season accounts for more than half the birthdays we celebrate.


    1. By “holiday season” you mean Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s, right? We have several birthdays around that time as well. We have a disproportionate number in February, actually…

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  2. I do admire you clever bloggers who do a review of their weeks ….I can’t factor in the time to do them.. I wish I could but I can’t. Stamps foot and flounces off slamming door.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’œ


    1. I’ve got the whole blogging thing down to a science, which means I should probably throw a few new things in and take a few older features out. But I can’t let go…


    1. I’ve seen film of Minnie, but I also caught a glimpse of him when Bill Veeck reactivated him in the ’70’s and in 1980. He still had it, though he was a lot slower. Sox fans loved him, and the feeling was mutual.


        1. I’m sure of it. It’s sad that one of the first things Reinsdorf and Einhorn did when they bought the team from Veeck that they made it clear that Minnie would no longer appear in uniform. The guy is, or at least should be, in the Hall of Fame, not only for being one of the first black players (and the first on the White Sox) but because he was a hell of a player.


  3. Happy Birthday, John! Yes, I well remember receiving the picture. I’ll do a little bit of looking and if I find it I’ll send it along. If my arithmetic is correct you are 64 – or shouldn’t I have said that?


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