D’oh!nuts #socs

In the 30 years that The Simpsons has been on TV, I’ve only seen a handful of episodes. I can’t really say that I do or don’t like it, I guess there’s always been something else on during that time slot that I’d rather watch. The episodes I’ve seen were pretty funny, but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to watch. Nowadays, with some of the older episodes on one or more of the streaming services, I would think that, if I wanted to, I could binge-watch all of them. I just don’t see the appeal of watching all the episodes of a show in one sitting, The Simpsons or anything else.

(Same goes for South Park, except that with South Park I feel like I should enjoy it more. Indeed, the episodes I’ve seen of that show have been hilarious. Just not hilarious enough to warrant watching the show on a regular basis, let alone binge-watching it.)

The guy who voices Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta, grew up in Chicago, like I did, around the same time I was growing up there (he’s about a year and a half younger). Dan also voices Krusty the Clown and makes him sound like Bob Bell, the WGN announcer that used to spend his lunch hour playing Bozo on Bozo’s Circus.

That’s a full episode of Bozo from 1968, when I was 12. I’m sure I watched it, but don’t remember. If I did, I know my brothers did, and so probably did Dan Castellaneta.

Homer Simpson is known for his love of Duff Beer and donuts (which are supposed to be spelled doughnuts) and for his use of the interjection “d’oh!” when he’s surprised or upset. I knew that without even watching the show…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Winston filter cigarettes. Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should!

I remember when the airlines put a mini-pack of Winstons on your tray with dinner. Now, they don’t even give you dinner.

28 thoughts on “D’oh!nuts #socs

  1. My kids and former husband liked the Simpsons. I hated it. Couldn’t get past what terrible role models they were. I remember Southpark being funny in a twisted sort of way though I was sometimes uncomfortable watching it with my kids. I’d find myself snickering quietly. Bozo’s a clown, so he’s still scary.


    1. Some of the stuff on South Park is hilarious and appeals to the 12-year-old kid in all of us. As for The Simpsons, Matt Groening does a weekly strip called “Life In Hell” that’s carried in Creative Loafing (ourr weekly free newspaper) that is easily funnier than The Simpsons, but then, the audience is different; you couldn’t do half of what they do in that strip on TV.

      As for Bozo, maybe it’s a matter of perspective: in a city that gave us John Wayne Gacy, Bozo was nothing.

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  2. I used to watch The Simpsons all the time and loved it but I just stopped and unsure why. I found many of the shows brilliant. Bozo the clown is definitely based on this character from this show. The commercial brings back the memories when it was the norm to smoke on a plane. I remember the haze of smoke in the airplane…funny that was considered ok.


    1. Actually, Krusty is based on Bozo, not the other way around. Bozo’s been around since 1946, and the show in Chicago started in 1960.

      Back in those days, it was the norm to smoke everywhere…


  3. I feel similarly about the Simpsons. What I’ve seen was amusing enough but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it. Clowns have always creeped me out so no Bozo on reruns from me.


  4. Question – What’s Markdown and why would I use it in my comments? Watched the Simpsons for a while and then didn’t. TV just doesn’t get me much anymore. In heaven though because I can stream the Giant’s game to a TV in my new studio! Two more days!


    1. Markdown is a text-to-HTML markup language. It simplifies things like boldfacing, italicizing, and adding links. WordPress supports it for posts and comments. Follow the link to learn more.

      Where are you streaming from? MLB.TV only covers the road games, so I’m guessing it’s not there…

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      1. NBC Bay Area Sports through our cable company. Streams all the local teams games. I have to get a wifi extender though because since I am out in the backyard it is spotty if someone in the house is playing a game or something.


        1. NBC Sports has a couple of channels on Roku, but there are only certain markets that have local sports, and Atlanta isn’t one of them. No big deal: I can get all the games with Gameday Audio. I grew up listening to baseball on the radio; the video is nice to have but not essential…

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  5. We watched The Simpsons when my sons were younger and loved it, even if the characters were horrible role models, but each one is a time capsule that social scientists will study one day. Life in Hell and Love is Hell are both hilarious cartoon strips. South Park is more adult-oriented and side-splitting funny at times. Since I don’t have cable anymore and limited streaming these are just pleasant memories now…


      1. I don’t have any TV, cable or otherwise. There used to be a digital antenna set up here for the local stations but that went away awhile back. I agree that “King of the Hill” is a heck of a good show.

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  6. I’ve seen this Bob Smith juggling video before. I wish they had the episode when my parents worked on the show. For some reason the show producers wouldn’t let my sister and I perform. Maybe it was a legal thing, though I’m sure I saw acts with minors working in them. But maybe not.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. That is strange, because I know I saw acts with kids during the ’60’s.

      There are probably other taped episodes of Bozo in private collections, but it’s kind of a hit-and-miss proposition. Maybe one day…


  7. I never got into the Simpsons but then I don’t get into much TV, even back in the day! Clowns are creepy to me now but I don’t remember them seeming to be creepy when I was a child. Yep, I remember when we could smoke on planes.


  8. I don’t watch these cartoons as a rule……..until my nephew demands I watch an episode of South Park with him, or one of my friends tells me about and episode of Family Guy. Then when I watch it and thinks it’s hysterical! I don’t what to say……..


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