Two for Tuesday: Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle is a British composer, producer, songwriter, radio personality and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded in the dance, electronic, and smooth jazz genres. His smooth jazz albums fall into several “series”: the Hardcastle series, Jazzmasters series, Chill Lounge series, and a collaboration with singer-songwriter Jaki Graham called “Kiss The Sky.”

From Chill Lounge 3, here is “Peace On Earth.”

Paul recorded a single in 1985 called “19,” a “musical collage” about the Vietnam War. It reached #1 on the British Pop chart and stayed there for five weeks. British comedian Rory Bremner, recording as “The Commentators,” did a parody version of the song, “N-N-Nineteen and Out,” that apparently Hardcastle was involved with as well.

You can find lots more Paul Hardcastle music on Spotify and YouTube. And, of course, he has a website.

Paul Hardcastle, your Two for Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

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