Writer’s Workshop: I Wish I Could…

Image by Genty from Pixabay

…travel through time.

Seriously. Some people want to go to Paris, some to the moon, I want to go to the 19th Century. Or maybe the 119th Century.

I’m not what you’d call a science fiction buff, but one TV show I liked was Doctor Who. The 20th Century version, not so much the 21st Century one. Before that, though, there was Peabody’s Improbable History.

There’s a theory that, rather than being infinite, the universe we live in is one of an infinite number of parallel universes. But you knew that, because I’ve told you about it, several times in fact. With apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s like déja vu all over again.

31 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: I Wish I Could…

  1. Well, you told us about it in some universes, not so much in others. 🙂

    I’ve actually wondered if we already travel seamlessly between parallel universes, as our decisions affect future outcomes. That would be an interesting way to harmonize free will and determinism (or Arminianism and Calvinism, if you like). Within the present universe, the future is determined, but our free-will decisions hop us around to different universes.

    Clearly I have too much lunchtime on my hands.


  2. I’d like to travel through time, too. Recently, there was a show on NBC called “Timeless.” The characters traveled to a different time in history every episode, and helped bring the stories of some historical figures to a new generation. I learned some things from it, because some of the people they spotlighted on the show are lesser-known, but NBC cancelled it.
    Thanks for the trip in the WABAC Machine.


      1. It may still be available on NBC.com, and think it’s available on Hulu. Some of the episodes included information about people like Ian Fleming, Grace Humiston, Robert Johnson, Bass Reeves and more. It had some other storylines besides the historical figures, but I learned some things I never knew.


  3. You are so right about the older Dr Who’s being better. I haven’t bothered to watch any for a long time.
    It’s not a matter of not getting over David Tennant, I liked some of the previous doctors before him.
    Oh, Mr. Peabody and Sherman! Oh, Rocky and Bullwinkle! Boris, Natasha, Dudley and his horse!


    1. Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) advised his son-in-law (David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor) not to play the role longer than a couple of years.

      There was something delightfully cheesy about the early Dofctor Whos. I think it takes itself a little too seriously now.


  4. I have always been fascinated about time and time travel. My high school term paper was entitled ‘The Nonexistence of Time”. Also loved all the time travel shows —Time Tunnel being one of my favorites. And oh how I loved Sherman and Mr. Peabody! Great post again.


      1. I concluded that time is simply a measurement created by man. I actually did a great deal of research which sparked my life-long interest in Einstein. My English teacher kept my term paper. I always regretted letting that happen. She felt it was my best work.


        1. That’s really all it is. The way I’ve seen it explained is that it takes a distance (one revolution around the sun) and calls it a year, then subdivides it into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It’s like going from degrees to radians in trigonometry.

          Wasn’t it Einstein who said time was invented to keep everything from happening at once?

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  5. Sherman and Mr Peabody 😀 Good stuff!
    I don’t want to travel in time. Well, that’s not true, I’d like to travel invisibly, to observe and not to intervene. Parallel universes is as good a theory as any.


  6. I have never seen Dr. Who, but I was a big fan of Simon and Peabody and the Wayback Machine! I’ve also always kind of thought there were parallel universes out there. I’ve considered that God could have created a lot of different universes at varying times, so we could be version 1 or 101, who knows?


  7. Here I was thinking reliving the 80’s might be kind of fun, but you’re heading to the 19th century!? I don’t know if I could deal with the corsets.


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