Paradox #atozchallenge

We all know what a paradox is: two physicians. Thank you! I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your servers!

Seriously, a paradox is a statement or set of statements that result in the complete opposite being true. An example would be “this statement is false.” In other words, if the statement is true, then it’s false, and vice versa. Or to put it another way,

Statement 1: The next sentence is true.
Statement 2: The previous statement is false.

This puts us in a vicious circle.


And there’s the ever-popular

“Can’t” is not a word in my vocabulary.

Well, if it’s not in your vocabulary, why did you use it?

The Irish comedian Hal Roach once claimed that, when he and a bunch of his friends were standing around somewhere, a police officer came up and said “If you’re gonna stand here, you’ll be be moving along.”

Wikipedia, which as everyone knows is The Blogger’s Best Friend™, has a whole list of paradoxes. You can see that this is one of those discussions that could go on for a while.

31 thoughts on “Paradox #atozchallenge

  1. I loved your opening joke! I needed a chuckle today, thanks! (I’m not even going down the rabbit hole of paradox. My brains are too tired.)


    1. Kind of like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Makes you sound precocious. I wonder how many times the Sherman Brothers had to change the lyrics until they found the word they needed to rhyme with atrocious and precocious…

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  2. Great word for the letter P even though my brain is slow in coming up with some. All I can think of is Star Trek that loved to use paradoxes


      1. I never quite agreed with that. If you wait long enough, debating the issue, it’s gonna be dead! If a cat in a box is not making noise, and thrashing about, it’s a dead cat.
        It’s like arguing with my daughter about her math. I say you cannot be “nearer to infinity!” You can’t get nearer something that doesn’t ever come. You can get farther from the start, but the book said you get nearer. Nope.


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