Tuxedo #atozchallenge

Here’s “Tuxedo Junction” by The Manhattan Transfer.

It was originally done by Glenn Miller in 1940, but I decided to go with a vocal version.

I think I’ve worn an actual tuxedo twice in my life. I have worn dinner jackets (to my graduation, because the New Trier School District decided to humiliate us once more before letting us go, and the other to a prom that I’d rather forget), and wore a morning suit to my wedding, but only a tuxedo twice. Even that was too much. Really, they’re uncomfortable, and I look like a penguin.

Tux, the Linux penguin. Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

A black cat with any white on it is considered a tuxedo cat, which would make almost every black cat we have owned a tuxedo.

Toby, aka Toby One-Eye Kenobi. He chose me.

We’ve only ever had one totally black cat, Sherman, who was a Siamese mix. We named him Sherman after General Sherman, because he marched around like a little general.

Sherman in a quiet moment. There weren’t many of them.

One of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid was Tennessee Tuxedo.

There was some pretty high-powered talent behind this one: Don Adams (“Get Smart”) was the voice of Tennessee, veteran voice actor Bradley Bolke as his sidekick, a walrus named Chumley, and Larry Storch (“F Troop”) as Phineas J. Whoopee, a typical “man with all the answers.” It was actually a pretty educational show. I’ll leave it up to you to read the summary, or watch an example…

24 thoughts on “Tuxedo #atozchallenge

  1. Hahaha! Tuxedos actually do remind me of penguins! 😛
    They also remind me of Jackie Chan’s movie by that same name.
    Toby looks cuddly, Sherman looks stern. “Like a little general”, as you said. 🙂
    Hopped over from the AtoZ. Glad to connect with you.
    I am at miss_teerious


  2. I might have worn tuxes at two of my daughters’ weddings–it was something that had to be rented I know.

    My father used to make him and me dress in tuxedos for our juggling act. I had several juggling tuxedos in various colors through the years.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. For a lot of acts like yours, tuxes were pretty much a uniform. I watched reruns of Ed Sullivan (until we lost access to Decades) and all the acts there featured guys in tuxes, even for balancing acts and trampoline.


  3. I’ve had only one tuxedo cat. My son and his wife have a one-eyed cat. They call her Bae. She’s a tiger cat. What a blast to the past Tennessee Tuxedo.


    1. Toby was kind of special. We got him from a cat rescue, and had only intended on bringing home one cat, but he just wouldn’t leave me alone, so he came home that day, too. That happened a second time, with another pet rescue. This one specialized in Persians and Siameses, but they had one black DSH. When I asked about her, the lady said “If you want her, take her. I can’t find a home for her.” That was Jasmine.


  4. One of my cats (Velvet) is a true tuxedo, black with white chest and feet (those are her gloves!), my other cat is black. In the sun though he has stripes, so I guess that makes him a panther. He looks like Sherman, a lot.
    I forgot about Tennessee Tuxedo!


  5. I do not know about cats, but I do know about music & the Manhattan Transfer is totally rad. Love, love, love them especially when I’m tryin’ to clean up and I have the speakers up on the puter. Cool huh? Anyway, love your pickins’ here John you totally rocked the house today. Tuxedo Junction aughhhhhh you did it to me. I was thinking of the kids and how we use to color eggs and POOF Tennessee Tuxedo got me blubbering… my kids use to listen to him all the time (my youngest ones)… oh well, such is life. Have a great day my friend… GREAT JOB!


    1. I got Manhattan Transfer’s latest album, after they had to replace the late Tim Hauser, and they are still amazing. Maybe I’ll do a Battle of the Bands between them and Pentatonix, if I can find a song in common. Or not… Both groups have impeccable harmony. Two of my favorites.


  6. I think tuxedos look best on cats and penguins. I always forget how much I like Manhattan Transfer until I hear something of theirs again – so thanks for the Tuxedo Junction reminder.


  7. I liked that Tuxedo Junction song…was tapping my foot along with the music.
    I’d never heard of Tennessee Tuxedo, though it looks cute.
    Love your kitty cats! 🙂


    1. You’ve never seen Tennessee Tuxedo? That’s surprising, but I guess it depends on which network you watched on Saturday morning. Tennessee and Underdog were on NBC.

      “Tuxedo Junction” is a great song made even better by The Manhattan Transfer. They’re one of the best vocal groups around.

      We’re letting the nest empty now that we’re older, but we’ve had a lot of cats and they were all great pets.


    1. Tuxedo cats are a lot of fun; they’re goofy like black cats (most of whom are tuxedos, technically, because they have white hair someplace).

      Tennessee Tuxedo was one of my favorites, because it was funny and there was an educational aspect. Plus, Don Adams and Larry Storch…

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    1. Sherman and Toby were wonderful cats. A lot of people don’t like black or mostly black cats, and I don’t understand why: they make wonderful pets.

      Most black cats have a little white on them (a star on the chest or a white belly), so technically they’re tuxedoes, but really most people consider them black cats. I know I do.


      1. I had a black cat – he had a tiny star of white on his chest. He was a wonderful cat – so social and absolutely gorgeous to look at with eyes like green lakes.

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