Raining Animals! #socs

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

I cheated! Having no idea how to handle today’s prompt, I typed “fall from the sky” into DuckDuckGo to see what I could find. And I found a Wikipedia article that says that, occasionally, flightless animals fall out of the sky.

Yes, for some reason, fish, frogs, spiders, worms and “assorted marine life” like octopuses, starfish, and jellyfish will occasionally fall out of the sky like rain. In fact, in Yoro, Honduras, fish rain from the sky every summer, in an event known as Lluvia de Pesces, “The Rain of Fish.”

The theory is, at least for marine life, they get picked up in a waterspout, which is a tornado that happens over water, and are then deposited elsewhere, somewhere inland. Other theories include that they’re blown by strong gusts of wind and relocated that way.

I guess Sharknado isn’t as far-fetched as we once thought…

Ron White talks about hurricanes. Those tend to relocate a lot more than just fish and aquatic life…

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27 thoughts on “Raining Animals! #socs

  1. I have never watched “Sharknado” but now I kind of want too. lol.
    And Mister tater-salad always makes me laugh. That clip is a good one.


    1. There were seven Sharknado movies, all of which starred Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. Maybe you can do it film-festival style.

      Ron White’s bit about getting thrown off the high school debate team gets me laughing every time. Careful, it’s pretty profane (it’s Ron White, what do you expect?):

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  2. Funny you should bring this up. I always wondered where the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs came from.” I still use it some times when it’s really raining hard.


  3. Wow! I had no idea I’d enjoy that Sharknado trailer as much as I did. Doesn’t mean I want to watch the movie. The trailer was enough. The smaller fish raining down would seem like gifts from the gods. Thanks for admitting you cheated. We all need a little help sometimes. 🙂


    1. I think it’s pretty much understood that I “cheat” most of the time. I see it more as a boost…

      I think “Sharknado” and its sequels (there were seven movies in all) aired on the SyFy network, and I would imagine they can be found on one of the streaming services. Not that I’ve looked.

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  4. I never thought I’d see the day that there would be a more ludicrous premise for a movie than Tremors. Sharknado takes the day. It’s the end times, the Roman Spectacle! Ron White is one outrageously funny guy. I’ve seen at least one of his netflix specials. He’s got killer timing! Thanks for the laughs.


  5. LOL Ron White is a pretty funny guy. I did watch some parts of Sharknado but that’s not the kind of thing I can sit through for a whole movie. Great use of the prompt, cheating and all 🙂


  6. I have no interest in the sharknado, but I do think it’s cool when it rains animals. Probably more interesting to read or watch on tv, since in person, it might be scary to me. Depending.
    I love Ron White. He slays!


    1. To me, Ron White is Jim Gaffigan with four-letter words.

      I think I’d freak if I was minding my own business and a carp hit me in the head. And that would be the least horrible of choices. Frogs, spiders, and especially worms?? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!


  7. I’ve heard about this happening in places. So strange. If it rained fish here, I’d for sure freak out. Cats & dogs, awww that I wouldn’t mind at all.
    haha that Ron White…gets me laughing all the time! 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t mind cats and dogs, and I’d love puppies and kittens. Tigers and wolves is pushing it, though.

      I relate to Ron White’s humor better than most.


  8. WHAT? Mind is permanently blown. Plus I have to say, if a flightless animal ever drops from the sky onto my car I’ll likely have a heart attack right then and there. Just saying.


  9. I believe in the waterspouts as the best idea for this and I had no idea that it happens every year in this one town in Honduras. I wonder how many scientists venture there to check it out. Sharknado is so beyond dumb but it is stupid..wait I meant to say funny.


    1. One of my favorite movies is “Dumb and Dumber.” That’s pretty much the same thing: so stupid it’s hilarious. I especially like that Jeff Daniels out-funnied Jim Carrey.


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