Song Lyric Sunday: “Misery”

Today’s theme for Song Lyric Sunday is “Hurt/Pain/Agony/Suffer.” Here’s a little song (less than two minutes) by The Beatles from their first album, released in England on the Parlophone label as Please Please Me in 1963 and in the US in 1964 by Vee Jay Records as Introducing… The Beatles! (issued later by Capitol Records as The Early Beatles). It’s called “Misery.” The lyrics page on tells us “John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote this song for Helen Shapiro in 1963, when The Beatles supported her on her tour, but her manager declined it. It was then recorded by their tour fellow Kenny Lynch which happened to be the first artist who covered any of The Beatles’ songs.”

The world is treating me bad… Misery

I’m the kind of guy
Who never used to cry
The world is treating me bad… Misery!

I’ve lost her now for sure
I won’t see her no more
It’s gonna be a drag… Misery!

I’ll remember all the little things we’ve done
Can’t she see she’ll always be the only one, only one

Send her back to me
Cos everyone can see
Without her I will be in misery

I’ll remember all the little things we’ve done
She’ll remember and she’ll miss her only one, lonely one

Send her back to me
Cos everyone can see
Without her I will be in misery (Oh oh oh)
In misery (Ooh ee ooh ooh)
My misery (La la la la la la)

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday for May 5, 2019.

39 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: “Misery”

  1. I never heard of this song but it’s pretty good. The first song that came into my head was Stormy Weather which is beautiful but very much about these words.


    1. I had the VeeJay record, too. They were based in Chicago (actually Gary, Indiana, which is right next door), and legend has it that someone at VeeJay delivered an advance copy of some of their songs to Dick Biondi at WLS, who became the first DJ to play Beatles records on the radio. That whole album is loaded with classics. So many beautiful songs: “Anna,” “Do You Want To Know A Secret,” “Baby It’s You,” “Ask Me Why,” “There’s a Place,” songs that we don’t think of but were our first glimpse at the geniuses they were…

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    1. Can you tell me, are they dressed in suits on the front cover? I remember looking at that picture and thinking one of their fingers was missing. Wow that memory has been tucked away for a long time.


      1. I learn to appreciate and like the Beatles. Just like my dad who has learned to appreciate the fact that mom has another man in her life — John Lennon. And she has a picture of him next to my parent’s bed. Poor dad!


  2. Great choice for SLS, John. I tried to post my song at Jim’s prompt last night but it “disappeared” when I hit post. I tried again this afternoon and it worked.


    1. Pingbacks have been a real pain in the neck the last couple of weeks. I left a comment on the WordPress support forum to find out what’s going on. I think it’s a bug at their end or a sneaky way to “encourage” us to use Gutenberg.

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      1. My “renewal date” is coming up. I’ve been suffering with having to type in email, name, and blog address for every comment for quite awhile now. You can imagine how frustrating that is. As of yesterday, it is now fixed. I wonder if they have a triage on who they help based on renewal dates? Maybe it’s just a coincidence. In any case, it’s fixed now and hoping it stays that way. I don’t want to use Gutenberg. It took me long enough to get functional with this part of it.


        1. I used to have it set up in LastPass where I could fill in those fields automatically with a click, but they upgraded LastPass and eliminated that (or at least I haven’t figured out how to make it work). Typing all that in is a pain in the ass. I just renewed through 2024, so maybe they’ll answer mine.

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            1. LastPass is a password manager and a whole lot more. I just figured out how to do a form fill for name/email/blogsite, by the way. Any information you want to save (name and address, credit card info, things like wi-fi passwords, notes for things like insurance policy numbers and bank account numbers) can find a home in LastPass. It does password generation for different sites, can prompt you to change your passwords, fills in the passwords &c &c. Check it out at

              WordPress has deals occasionally where you can buy a contract for some percentage off. In my case, I got one for five years for the price of three (40% off). I like that…

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              1. Not sure I’m crazy about the idea of having all of my passwords CC info, etc all in one place. I’m going to look for one of those WP deals!


  3. Brilliant choice truly love this song. Helen Shipiro would have made a great fist of it she had a great voice .. incidentally she went to the same school with one of my brother’s.
    Loved the Kenny Lynch version too


    1. “Please Please Me”/”Introducing The Beatles”/”The Early Beatles” is a real gem of an album. A lot of people talk about their later work, but their early work had a lot of highlights.


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