Two for Tuesday: Pat Metheny (Encore Presentation)

An encore presentation from December 3, 2013.

Back in the mid-’70’s, when I was still at Northwestern, I took my then-girlfriend to see vibraphonist Gary Burton at Amazingrace in Evanston. Playing in his band was a young guitarist named Pat Metheny. I sat there amazed that the guy could get the music he was playing out of one guitar.

Pat was born in a suburb of Kansas City, Mo. He started playing the trumpet at age 8 and switched to the guitar when he was 12, learning to play by listening to Wes Montgomery records and playing along. The rest of the world learned of him in 1974, when he joined Burton’s band, and in the forty years since, he’s recorded a tremendous amount of music as a solo artist, in duets and trios with other musicians, and with his bands, The Pat Metheny Group and his newest, the Pat Metheny Unity Group, announced on his website a month ago.

Our first tune is “Three Flights Up,” from his 1989 album Question and Answer, recorded with bassist Dave Holland and drummer Roy Haynes.

This is “Last Train Home,” from, the Pat Metheny Group’s 1987 release, Still Life (Talking). He plays the Roland GR-300 guitar synthesizer on this one.

Pat Metheny, your Two for Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

11 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Pat Metheny (Encore Presentation)

    1. That was a really popular tune when it came out and a mainstay of smooth jazz radio. In terms of raw talent, Pat probably is the strongest musician I’ve featured in this series.

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    1. Thanks. I was about to write about Pat anyway, and I remembered that I had already done him, but it was back when almost no one was reading the blog, so I figured it was time for an encore.

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