#1LinerWeds: It’s True…

Let’s face it: I don’t post photographs on my Instagram, I post all kinds of goofy stuff that I run around the Internet and collect. I posted this the other day.

Fireworks are big business in the South. All along the Interstates going through Tennessee, Alabama and now Georgia, you see a lot of stores that just have huge signs out front that say “FIREWORKS.” Along Interstate 24, up in the mountains, there’s a gas station that has a big sign outside that tells us they sell gasoline, cold beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and fireworks. All the makings of a great Saturday night, not to mention one hell of an avalanche…

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Buster Keaton for Milky Way candy bars.

There are even more of these to come!

19 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds: It’s True…

  1. Where I live used to be the one place in Australia where it was legal to buy fireworks. Sadly that isn’t the case anymore so you can only get fireworks by hiring a company to come and do it.


  2. Why do I find that quote not only funny but so, so true. I have to say, I hate the home fireworks because it scares my dog and cats. In fact, I am waiting for someone’s roof to catch fire.


    1. Thanks! I don’t take pictures (I can’t handle the camera with one usable hand), so I had to think of something. When I played Two Dots, I’d put the various badges and trophies out there, but I quit playing almost a year ago (it was getting way too expensive), and I didn’t want the feed to die. This seemed to be a good way to fill in the time.


    1. Here, Independence Day (July 4) and New Year’s are the big ones, but really, any excuse for a fireworks show is reason enough. Bill Veeck started the tradition of setting off fireworks when the home team hits a home run when he owned the White Sox. After the ’59 World Series, he set up the scoreboard in Comiskey Park to shoot off fireworks. He also started the practice of putting a player’s name on the back of his jersey and of having a fireworks show after the game on Friday nights. With the kids in my neighborhood, they shoot them off whenever they get them.


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