Writer’s Workshop: My Social Media, Ranked

Today’s prompt:

Rank your social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) from most to least favorite.

WordPress (my blog)

My favorite form of social media is this blog, hosted on WordPress.com. I feel the most natural here. I’m not so much writing to you as holding a conversation with you, and many of you return the favor, which I appreciate. I’ve never met any of you in person, but I feel like I know you, and I hope you’ve gotten to know me and like what you see here.


I spend a lot of time on YouTube for the blog, building playlists for Monday and Friday, choosing music for my featured artists on Tuesday, picking old commercials for several days of the week. Then, when that’s done, I spend a lot of time just watching whatever catches my eye. I’ve been introduced to a lot of very good musicians via YouTube, and it’s fun (okay, and maybe a little strange) to watch some of the old TV that’s out there. Not the shows themselves, but all the stuff that happened around the shows: commercial breaks, station ID’s, newscasts, signons and signoffs, Emergency Broadcast System tests (they used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid), technical difficulty moments, weather warnings, etc. etc. There are some talented people putting together entertaining and informative videos.


I hated Spotify when it first came out, now I love it. I don’t use it for the social media capabilities, but they are there and I would guess that the people who use them really like it. I have these eclectic tastes in music, and so far any artist I’ve thrown its way has a page out there. Most recently I’ve been interested in a couple of Mongolian pop singers, Sarantuyaa and Ariunaa, and they were well-represented there. (Since I know people will ask: I found a video on YouTube many years ago of the Mongolian National Anthem arranged as a pop tune, and figured out who the lead singers were. Sarantuyaa is the woman in the navy pantsuit, Ariunaa in the electric blue dress. The gentlemen with them are Dashdondog (without the hat) and Jargalsaikhan (with the hat). I don’t know who the guitarist is, and wish I did.)


It’s very hard to take pictures with one functioning hand, but I can always appreciate the work of others. I have found a number of excellent musicians and singers and can then follow them on Spotify and YouTube. I would never want to move back to Chicago, but it is a beautiful city and I love the pictures I see of it. It’s fun to browse. I also use my account to post funny stuff I find while reading blogs and surfing the web. Hey, gotta do something, right?


Pinterest was a lot of help when Mary first got the Instant Pot and wanted recipes, and since she doesn’t actually want to use it (I’m sure she has her reasons) I would browse through there and collect all the recipes I thought would be good. There are a lot of people who post radio station surveys, one of my favorite things to look through, and there are people who collect baseball pictures (specifically White Sox pictures) and post them there. When I find something amusing, it goes into Pinterest for access later, when I feel like flooding Instagram with funny stuff. For that matter, I’ve taken to posting pictures to Pinterest rather than collecting them on my hard drive, where they get forgotten.


I started using this the last time I gave up Facebook for Lent, and I really haven’t quite got the hang of it. Reddit is topically oriented, with different topics broken down into Subreddits, and as I find the Subreddits I like, I add them to my feed. It’s fun to go out there and see what kinds of discussions you can get into, though I shy away from contentious topics.


When Twitter first started, it was possible to watch the global feed, i.e. every tweet made by everyone in the world. It was a bit much, and you can’t do that anymore, which is fine by me. Right now, about the only time I use Twitter is when there’s severe weather in the area: I monitor #atlwx and #gawx (and sometimes #alwx, because severe weather in Alabama will nearly always make it into Atlanta). I also use it when I can’t listen to a ballgame, because there are some peoplke who will “live tweet” the game. Sadly, Twitter has adopted something Facebook does that annoys me, deciding for me what stories it thinks I want to see, even if they’re three weeks old. Just show me everything, dammit, and I can decide.


I keep Facebook ostensibly to stay in touch with my family and friends and to advertise my blog, but the act is, I hate it, mostly because it’s become the symbol of everything that’s wrong with social media. Check that: Mark Zuckerberg has become the symbol of everything that’s wrong with social media. There’s a good chance I’m going to dump it by the end of the year. And yes, I know Instagram is owned by Facebook (FOR NOW), but, like I said, pictures.

Honorable Mention: LiveJournal

I’ve had a LiveJournal account since 2003, and currently only pay attention to the Vintage Ads group. I haven’t posted to it since July 2015, but still I pay for Premium access. I really should think about getting rid of it.

Gee, almost a thousand words… sorry about that…

25 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: My Social Media, Ranked

  1. Hi John – interesting to read … I use blogger – but then I’m simple and I just left it as is … and FB I hardly touch, TW I’ve never got to do, while Youtube I vaguely remember to look at occasionally … I guess sometime I’ll need to interact.

    The best thing is the relationships one can establish with blogger friends, and it’s not just a tick in the box = like … and then leaving … I enjoy commenting etc … cheers Hilary


  2. Instagram is my definite favorite. I have two accounts, both are now “business” accounts and tied to Facebook pages. The older one (@annembray) has over 9400 posts!

    I like the premise of this post and am going to write my own take on the subject — probably on my fashion blog.


  3. I love Instagram and WordPress. The rest, eh. FB has my Scrabble. Haven’t even put Twitter on my new (5 month old) phone. Have less time now. Used to go there for LOLZ

    We do feel like we know our community here. The other day, I walked into a restaurant and saw a man with a white gray ponytail and thought of you. How odd am I? Ha!


    1. You know, it might have been me… ๐Ÿ˜ My hair is still pretty dark, but getting less so by the day.

      There are some pretty funny people on Twitter. A lot of baseball writers and players use it, and it’s great when the weather is bad. Some of the fighting that goes on there I can do without, though.

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  4. WordPress is #1 for me. Others I use – beBee,com, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads. Instagram and Pinterest, I use only to support those I follow. I will follow you on YouTube.


  5. That’s a good list, John but way to big for me at the moment. I’n on WordPress, blogger (but I just have an account so I can comment) YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. My favorite is Twitter, but I use a lot of lists and I maintain them often. If you’re on my “Daily” list and start acting like a jerk, you’re off the list – see you in the fire hose stream. Facebook is minimal use and, for now, I don’t subscribe to any music supplier. I opened an Instagram account for my blog, but I’ve yet to do anything with it. Mainly because I hate the (lack of) privacy rules.


    1. Commenting on Blogger is easier with a Google account. I learned that a while back.

      I tried doing lists with Twitter a while back, but didn’t do a good job of maintaining them. Maybe I should try again. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using Twitter, which I don’t despise as much as Facebook.

      I have a lot of mp3 music locally, but iTunes is such a pain in the ass that I’d just as soon find the music I want on Spotify. I learned recently that you can listen to your private collection using Spotify, so I do that when I feel the need, but really, everything is pretty much there already. VLC is pretty user-friendly, and they have nothing to sell; I use that occasionally. That’s like a Swiss Army knife: if you can’t get anything else to play a file, VLC usually can.

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  6. Do you have a YouTube channel so I can follow you? Yes, I use the side button on my iPhone all the time for taking pictures, especially selfies – LOL. I am not on Twitter or Spotify. Facebook I use sporadically with some groups and my business page to show my Etsy items. My son loves Reddit and I may give it a try. Pinterest and Instagram are platforms that I am on and in the process of exploring in more detail, again to see how it will help me with marketing. Nicely done, John.


  7. Look at that, you linked to my YouTube channel! Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ I too, spend a ton of time on that platform. YouTube has sort of taken the place of TV for me. And I will agree about Facebook being low on the list of favorites, but somehow I still manage to spend a lot of time mindlessly scrolling and reading updates. If you have an iphone, I believe you can snap photos a little easier by squeezing the side button instead of awkwardly maneuvering to that main circle button in the bottom center of the phone. I can imagine taking pictures with one hand is extremely awkward.

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    1. On a normal camera, the trigger is on the right side, and that’s the bad one. I’ll have to try the side-button thing; i never knew that…

      I can always find something to entertain myself with on YouTube. Your stuff is highly entertaining, by the way.


  8. I am a social media slacker. I use WordPress more than others. I continuously threaten to leave Facebook, but I stay because almost every organization I care about uses the platform for communication. You might enjoy this YouTube video, John:

    I like Instagram just because it is effortless and sometimes funny and often times inspiring. I once loved Pinterest but rarely use it any longer. LiveJournal I keep because it has my sisterโ€™s blog there and I do not want to lose it.

    Blogger is too cumbersome. Twitter is too crazy. If the truth be known, I would probably still use Prodigy if it had survived.

    Great post.

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    1. Good video ๐Ÿ™‚ I used Blogger on a couple of other blogs and really didn’t like it. Of course, the Challenge blog is on Blogger, so I have to use it on occasion. When I do, I write offline and copy it in to their editor. I write better HTML than it does. Plus I can use Markdown and convert it.


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