The Friday 5×2: 2SM (Sydney, NSW), 5/7/65

Last year, we visited 2SM in Sydney, NSW, Australia and examined their survey for that week in 1963. Let’s hop ahead a couple more years and take a look at what was hot on the charts on May 7, 1965.

  1. The Seekers, “I Know I’ll Never Find Another You” The song was down from #9 the week before in its 14th week on the 2SM chart.
  2. Elvis Presley, “Do The Clam” From the movie Girl Happy, this was up from #12 the previous week in the song’s 4th week on the chart.
  3. Tom Jones, “Chills & Fever” A single that didn’t go very far in most of the rest of the world (it reached #125 in the US and failed to chart elsewhere) looked like it did all right Down Under. Up from #15 in its third week.
  4. The Beatles, “Rock & Roll Music”/”Honey Don’t” A two-sided single of songs from Beatles For Sale (Beatles ’65 in the US). Side 1 covers Chuck Berry, side 2 covers Carl Perkins. Down slightly from #5 in its eighth week.
  5. The Rolling Stones, “The Last Time” A #1 hit for the Stones in the UK and #9 here in the US, it was down from #2 in its sixth week.
  6. The Seekers, “A World of Our Own” In its second week on 2SM’s chart this bounced all the way from #30 to #5. Not as big of a hit as “I Know I’ll Never Find Another You” was, but that’s a pretty impressive jump. Of course, they had home-field advantage…
  7. Julie Rogers, “Hawai’ian Wedding Song” This British chanteuse had a huge hit with “The Wedding” the previous year (#3 UK, #10 US). This only reached #31 in the UK, but obviously did much better in Australia.
  8. Ray Brown & The Whispers, “Pride”/”Say It Again” Another two-sided single, for which I only found side 1 (I don’t usually have trouble finding songs on YouTube). Ray and crew were an Australian band that was popular in the mid-’60’s.
  9. Herman’s Hermits, “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” This was the first week on 2SM’s chart for this song. Notice in the video that at one point Peter turns and seems to be reacting to what one of the other members of the band was saying.
  10. The Beatles, “Ticket To Ride” From the Help! album, it was The Fabs’ seventh straight #1 single in the UK as well as the third #1 in the US.

And that’s The Friday 5×2 for May 10, 2019.

22 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: 2SM (Sydney, NSW), 5/7/65

  1. Thank you John I enjoyed this, sadly though I enjoy most of today’s music I agree with the video. It all boils down to laziness 💜


    1. It’s very insulting to the listener, when you think about it. Rather than trying to win the listener over, they use all kinds of tricks to make you like music that isn’t very good.


        1. That’s all we’ve ever been to them, when you think about it, but in earlier times they would at least work at providing some variety and choice for our money. They’d go looking for something unique and take chances that it wouldn’t sell. Now they’ve stacked the deck so that they’ll always make out like bandits.

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          1. Yes indeed, they even teach how to write the perfect pop song these days, apparently Kylie Minogue’s Can’t you out of my head , is the perfect pop song.


  2. All great songs and 1965 was an interesting year for music. Seems there was a plethora of tunes. Dunno if any of the songs would make it today except maybe the ones by The Beatles.


  3. The Seekers album from their final tour has just been released and we are being bombarded by the advert for them on tv. Just as well I like their music!


  4. I much preferred “A World of Our Own” from The Seekers. This week’s top ten struck me as the kind of songs that would never make it if released now. But, who knows? I have heard some songs stretched way beyond recognition. 1965 was an interesting time as far as social change. I was just a kid, though, so what do I know? Another great list.


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