Stressing Over Strain #socs

Image by Kevin McIver from Pixabay. Don’t know why Pixabay chose this for “strain,” but…

I can’t think of anything to write about for “strain.” I think I’ve already talked about how I play rain sounds at night to cover up my tinnitus, and how there are some rain tracks that I need to turn way up or I’m straining to hear, then the next track comes BLASTING out of the speaker. I found a whole bunch of white noise tracks on Spotify and they all seem to be pretty easy to hear, so maybe at some point I should just use that all night.

Playing with the word strain, I can anagram it into trains, or I can discard the first letter and have train, and take another letter from that and I get rain. I have an app that allows you to make the sound of a train in the rain. Well, it’s something, anyway.

I’m thinking about sleep a lot lately because it’s been harder and harder to come by. I’ve been sitting here this afternoon (I write these on Friday, as I think I told you) doing everything but writing this, because let’s face it, I’m tired…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about the Mars Almond bar. You get an almond in every bite!

25 thoughts on “Stressing Over Strain #socs

  1. I sympathize with you insomnia… lifer here. I find sleeping to the tele on low is helpful, but it has to be the right program… no gunshots or screams! Westwing is not bad.


    1. It’s amazing how much work people have put into creating environmental noise. That’s an area I’d like to explore further. Everything from white noise to ASMR to binaural beats and everything in between.

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  2. I avoid strain as much as possible. Although I might be eating strained food in the years to come. Actually some of those baby food bananas sound kind of good right now.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. One of the other bloggers, Kat ( was going to make a drink for her YouTube channel that required her to puree a peach (I think that’s what it was). She decided instead to just use peach baby food, and it worked great. The fruit flavored baby food isn’t so bad, really.


  3. I can empathize with the tinnitus.I don’t notice it much until I think about it or things get quiet. Then I wonder how I didn’t notice it before. I hope you sleep well tonight.


  4. Great use of the word, John. The first thing that came to mind for me was an S Train, but that was a strain because I had no idea what to write about that!

    I do not recall an Almond Bar. Was that the predecessor to the Almond Joy or do I have my brands mixed up?


    1. Almond Joy was made by Peter Paul. The Almond Bar had nougat and almonds and was kind of thin. Mom used to call it a Mars bar. I remember she liked them. I inherited her sweet tooth, I think.

      I don’t even think New York City has an S train. They do have an A train, which you must take to get to Sugar Hill in Harlem, or so the song goes.

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  5. After all the extraordinary X thoughts you put into the A2Z challenge, I don’t blame your brain for feeling the strain at all. I did enjoy your strain – train – rain take, very clever! Happy Saturday, John!


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