27 thoughts on “RIP Grumpy Cat

  1. He was too young and it’s such a shame that he passed. Urinary infections in cats can be insidious and come on suddenly and once there, can be a bitch to get rid of. I feel bad for the “parents” but at least he was famous and they can still use his image for good and, if bad of me to say, make money.


  2. Hi John – she was obviously an American cat … but I have now heard about her … she looks amazing though – and yes RIP as she meets our relatives with their furry friends around the rainbow bridge – I’ll repeat Michele’s note … RIP and Godspeed Grumpy Cat – cheers Hilary


  3. Oh that’s so sad. I wonder if she knew what an internet sensation she was! Precious baby. She has her wings now. She leaves behind a truly wonderful legacy. RIP and Godspeed Grumpy Cat…

    Michele at Angels Bark


      1. Cyndi had a virus that attacked her stomach lining and was never healthy. Unfortunately in my early 20s I was a dingbat and bought her from a pet store. Only shelter kitties for me now!


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