The Friday 5×2: CKOC (1150 AM, Hamilton ON), 5/14/69

Today we head to Hamilton, Ontario and visit radio station CKOC, which broadcasts at 1150 kHz on the AM dial. It is the oldest continuously-operating radio station in Canada. They started the Top 40 format in 1960 and stayed with it until 1992, when the station became CKMO and switched to an oldies format until 2015, when they switched the call letters back to CKOC and started broadcasting a sports-talk format. Here’s their Top 10 from May 14, 1969.

  1. Lost and Found, “No No No No” Wasn’t able to find much about this band other than they were from Denmark and that this was their first single.
  2. Glen Campbell, “Where’s The Playground Susie” Another Jimmy Webb song, this one a little sadder than most. From Glen’s Galveston album. It reachd #26 in the US (#28 on the Country chart) and #8 in Canada.
  3. Elvis Presley, “In The Ghetto” A song just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago, which says something. It was Elvis’s first Top 10 hit in a couple of years, reaching #3 in the US and #2 in Canada.
  4. Mercy, “Love Can Make You Happy” This song brought on memories of grammar school parties and the first time a lot of us slow danced. Peaked at #2, kept out of the top spot by The Beatles’ “Get Back.”
  5. Ray Stevens, “Gitarzan” Our favorite part of this song was always the monkey singing boogie-woogie. Figures, doesn’t it? It reached #8 in the US and #10 in Canada, but did best in New Zealand, where it peaked at #2.
  6. Donovan, “Atlantis” This was a hit all over the world, #1 in Switzerland, #2 in Germany and South Africa, #4 in Austria, and #10 in Canada. It was the B side to “To Susan On The West Coast, Waiting” in the US and reached #7.
  7. Tommy Roe, “Heather Honey” This was a much bigger hit in Canada, where it reached #6, than in the US, where it came in at #29, for Atlanta born and raised Roe. He’s considered one of the original bubblegum pop artists.
  8. Mary Hopkin, “Goodbye” The lovely Ms. Hopkin was one of the first non-Beatles artists signed to Apple Records, where she ws mentored by Paul McCartney, who wrote this song. It went to #13 in the US and #15 in Canada, though it reached the Top 10 on both countries’ AC chart (#6 US, #3 Canada).
  9. The Hollies, “Sorry Suzanne” I don’t remember hearing this or the last two songs when they were on the Top 40. This one peaked at #15 in Canada but failed to reach the Top 40 (#56) in the US.
  10. The Beatles, “Get Back”/”Don’t Let Me Down” A double-A side hit for The Fab Four. “Get Back” was a worldwide #1, while “Don’t Let Me Down,” which wasn’t included on the Let It Be album but was featured in the film and on Let It Be… Naked, reached #35 on its own.

And that’s The Friday 5×2 for May 17, 2019.

17 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: CKOC (1150 AM, Hamilton ON), 5/14/69

  1. We played Hamilton a time or two. Passed through it often when we toured Ontario. Now I’m dreaming of Tim Horton Donuts again.

    I remember most of these songs. It seems so long ago.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I think I’ve only had Tim Horton’s donuts once, and I can’t remember why I’ve never had them again. They were really good, as I remember, at least as good as Dunkin’ Donuts or Winchell’s. (Krispy Kreme are in a class by themselves.)


      1. Maybe you never had them again because locations are few in the United States. In Canada Tim Horton’s is everywhere. I wish they’d open a location near me in the Los Angeles area.

        When Krispy Kreme opened several locations in my area a number of years ago they were the rage with long lines waiting for donuts. It was great because there was even a location across the street from our house. Then within a few years customers slacked off. Our location is now a Del Taco restaurant chain location. I don’t know that any other Krispy Kremes still are open in the L.A. area anymore.

        Arlee Bird
        Tossing It Out


        1. I think Krispy Kreme is a southern thing, although it’s fun to watch them make donuts.

          Tim Horton’s was owned by Wendy’s at one time, which is when they started moving into the US. Their website has them in:

          NEW JERSEY
          NEW YORK
          NORTH DAKOTA


          1. I did a presentation about Tim Horton’s for a class I was in back around 2005. I haven’t looked at their website since then. At that time I think they were only in about 3 states so they’ve expanded a great deal. I’m going to have to plan some donut stops on my summer trip!


  2. This is has a spattering of songs I remembered only when I read the names. Funny what is stored in the ole’ memory bank.

    Get Back is another story. My brother had the 45 and played it on the record player constantly with the arm OFF. If I never hear that song again I will be ok.

    Another interesting list.

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  3. Hey, this is in my neck of the woods but, thankfully, I don’t live in Hamilton. There are some very nice parts to this city but the factories right on the bay are disgusting and some parts of the city are quite poor. Anyhoo, there are some songs I know quite well but others I don’t recall hearing. Pretty cool that girl was mentored by Sir Paul

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    1. I’ve been to Hamilton: I spent a week there training a group from McMaster Uniersity. The main street through the downtown area is an interesting place…

      Mary Hopkin looked a little like Linda Eastman (McCartney), so it’s not all that surprising that Paul would be that interested in mentoring her…

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