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Today, we’re supposed to start with an adverb. Well, today is an adverb, at least the way I used it. I win!

Here are The Grass Roots (or, if you prefer, The Grassroots) with the title track from their 1967 album, “Let’s Live For Today.”

When I was growing up, Chicago had four daily newspapers (five, if you include the Chicago Daily Defender): the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Daily News, and Chicago’s American. The first two papers were the morning papers, the second two were afternoon papers. Chicago’s American was a Hearst newspaper and always #4 in circulation, so eventually (in the mid-to-late ’60’s) they sold it to the Tribune, who changed its name to Chicago Today. It went from a broadsheet to a tabloid, and got rid of the sensational headlines, but it failed to attract a bigger audeience, so the Tribune started publishing an afternoon edition, took what they could from Today (including several columnists and, of course, the comics) and ceased publishing it. About ten years later, Field Enterprises, which owned the Sun-Times and Daily News, did the same thing, merging under the Sun-Times name and folding the Daily News. Which was a shame, because I liked the Daily News.

Chicago Today had a practice where, if a cartoon was included in the color comics on Sunday, it would print “Also in Sunday’s Color Comics” next to the daily strip. Eighty percent of the cartoons were so labeled, and I wondered why they didn’t just tell you which ones were not in color. One afternoon, I was looking at a copy of Today, and I took a pen and wrote “Ain’t In Color” next to the ones that didn’t have the other legend. I remember my brother got incensed with me, not for writing all over the comics page, but for using the word “ain’t.” It was, after all, drilled into our heads not to use “ain’t” by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus.

From 1964, The New Christy Minstrels with “Today.”

I heard that The New Christy Minstrels inspired a candy called “New Minty Crystals.”

Q: What goes “HA HA HA thump“?
A: A man laughing his head off.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Bill Cragle for Clorets, the amazing breath remedy that stops bad breath in seconds!

chlorophyll + retsyn… hey, a portmanteau! (And probably a whole lot more effective than “New Minty Crystals.”)

32 thoughts on “Today! #socs

  1. Fun post, John! Love the Grass Roots song. Unfortunately, the paper editions of newspapers have lost their luster. With that said, we still subscribe to the paper edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


  2. Excellent post, John. I liked the Grass Roots, but the only album I had was their Greatest Hits, I read the comment about the encyclopedia. I read the companion set for kids. They had a great volume of puzzles.


  3. You are on a roll today. Love the ‘minty crystals’, your knowledge of newspaper history, and the song ‘Live for Today’ has a good message. I am thinking of San Francisco Newspapers, ‘New Call Bulletin’, Examiner, and the SF Chronicle with Herb Caen. Herb Caen of SF had a rivalry with Jack Smith at the LA Times. Some info from California Online Archive: “The San Francisco News-Call Bulletin was the final incarnation of several newspapers with a long history in the city of San Francisco. Formed in August 1959 by the merging of The San Francisco News and The Call Bulletin, the paper was also the descendant of The Call, The Bulletin, The San Francisco Journal and The San Francisco Post. Under these various titles, the newspaper’s history dates back to the earliest years of the city of San Francisco.” I remember there was a merger when I was a kid in San Francisco.


    1. The newspaper business is dying slowly, with more consolidations every step along the way. We had two papers in Atlanta, and they merged. Chicago had about ten newspapers at one time, four when I was growing up, and two now, which was almost one except the Sun-Times found another buyer besides the Tribune. People would rather get their news via Internet, in part because they don’t want to have to deal with the paper. In a way, sad, in another, pretty much what we expected.

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      1. I thought the LA Times was going down but now it has a new owner and the writing is better. We bought a subscription to physical papers for years and I never thought I would like digital but now I am used to it. I still pay for the subscription. And I read the Washington Post. My husband gets the New York Times.

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  4. I love that Grass Roots song! The first song I’m listening to today and it’s kicking my day off just right.
    As a former freelance writer on a journalism track at a young age, I’ve been particularly aware of the newspaper lifeline. So so many changes. And a lot of failed and folded papers and magazines. Print media is no longer King.
    I went to a journalism academy in New Jersey back in 1979 and was truly on that path but for some reason my direction changed to advertising. A few years ago I re-connected with one of my amazing instructors from back at the ol’ Blair Academy. I caught her up on what I’ve been up to all these years and expressed how I often regret not having followed that path into journalism. She wrote me back and said that the profession has changed so much and that it’s actually disheartening and that I should definitely not have that regret. Which made me feel a little better…but I still often wonder, “What if….”

    Oh well. “Let’s Live for Today”, right?

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Nowadays, newspapers (local papers, anyway) hire freelance reporters rather than keeping a staff. It’s cheaper that way, and since the ad revenue isn’t there like it used to be, they have to economize. Local TV news is getting like that, too. I’ve seen on-the-scene news reports that look like they’re done on a cellphone. In a way it’s sad, in another it shows that the technology has really advanced.


  5. I remember when those songs were my favorites. It’s nice to hear them again and be reminded to enjoy the present. Lol on the thump. 🙂


    1. I have a cousin who’s a real wise guy who came up with that one when he was (of course) ten. He was the one who read the entire World Book Encyclopedia in the bathroom. Which I would have done, too, except we didn’t have an encyclopedia at home. I’d have to go to the library to do that, and it was too much of a walk…

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      1. No ambition, John? LOL, I wouldn’t have walked to the library either to read the encyclopedia. We had a set at home, but I don’t remember looking at it much. It was a lot more fun hanging out with friends than sitting in the bathroom…

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  6. That’s too funny. I remember a little school yard rhyme “ain’t ain’t right because ain’t ain’t in the dictionary”. The nuns were not too thrilled. I wish I could recall why they were so adverse to the word. Maybe they just didn’t like slang I guess. Happy Saturday John. Another good one.


    1. Every time I talk about “ain’t” on the blog, my godmother (who was a teacher for years and one of mine for a couple of those years) crawls all over me. “Ain’t” is a good word, as is “y’all.” Maybe not to the nuns, but then they had me writing with a cartridge pen even after the ballpoint had gained almost universal acceptance…

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  7. Wow, I had to read it 3 times to follow the connections to the newspaper saga. I blame the morning on that one:). That song is sweet and I enjoyed listening to it.


  8. Oh, my, today you brought a fond memory back to me. I was born in 1964, and when I was growing up, my mom would sing that song to me. I’m touched by hearing it – even choked me up a bit. Weird how memories flood us randomly and suddenly. 😉 Happy Saturday to you, John!


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