High School Quiz

Barbara over at Teleporting Weena put one of those things I like to call “quizzies” on her blog, this one about high school. Looked like fun. Anyone who wants to do it is more than welcome to.

Think about your SENIOR year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!

I graduated in 1974 from New Trier West High School in beautiful Northfield, Illinois, across the street from a Mystik Tape plant. We were the Cowboys, because New Trier East was the Indians (this was before political correctness). The two schools merged and they’re now called the Trevians, after the people who inhabited the area around Trier, Germany.

  1. Did you know your current significant other? Not yet. I met her at Loyola University in 1976.
  2. Make and year of car? I didn’t drive until I was in my late 20’s. My driver’s ed teacher convinced me I could never drive a car. As a driver’s ed instructor, he was a good football coach.
  3. What kind of job? Produce clerk at one of the major supermarket chains. At least until December 1973, when I quit. I really sucked at that job.
  4. Where did you live? Northfield, about a mile away from school.
  5. Were you popular? Not especially. I had my friends.
  6. Were you in choir? No.
  7. Ever get suspended from school? Yes. Long story.
  8. If you could, would you go back? Hell, no.
  9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? I don’t think we were even speaking to each other by the time we went to prom.
  10. Did you skip school? No.
  11. Go to all the football games? I went to one in my three years there (I went somewhere else in freshman year).
  12. Favorite subject? Chemistry.
  13. Do you still have your yearbooks? A couple of them.
  14. Did you follow the career path you planned? I didn’t really have any career plans other than a half-assed notion about being a musician.
  15. Did you have a class ring? No.
  16. Still close with your best friend? He comments here sometimes.
  17. Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Billhymer in junior year English. She was gorgeous. I took a class from her husband when I went to college.
  18. What was your style? Jeans, flannel shirts, t-shirts.
  19. Favorite shoes? Desert boots or chukka boots.
  20. Favorite music? Rock and blues.
  21. High school Hair? As long as I could get away with. I parted it on the side and had this enormous cowlick in front. In college I realized I could brush it back and the cowlick would disappear. Duh.
  22. What kind of cologne/perfume? None.
  23. How old when graduated? 18
  24. Did you play a sport? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thud.

23 thoughts on “High School Quiz

  1. I love these answers especially the last one as I am with you and would never want to go back. My best friend, whom I met in Grade 11 dropped me like a hot potato in my second year of university. I went to the prom with a future missionary nun and future arsonist, she burned down her parent’s home. I still have my yearbooks probably to look at the priest who was having an affair with the Mayor at the time, who both were tied up, naked, after they picked up 2 male hustlers, and were robbed by them. They also embezzled money from the bingo at my high school. The principal, a priest, is now in jail for child porn. Ahh such good times.


  2. Looks like a kind of fun quiz but I wasn’t much involved in high school. You and I would have probably gotten along well during those years as it sounds like you had a similar HS experience as mine.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Thanks so much for answering these fun questions! I had fun reading your answers!
    Very cool that you and your friend are still in touch after so many years.
    Now, I want to hear the long story of why you were kicked out of school! My husband did too, and that’s why we didn’t get to go to Sr. prom…we did go to Jr. prom, though. 🙂


  4. Kinda similar to my high school years, but different. lol I went to HS in Orlando, FL; fav subject – English; popular – yes; first car – not until after college and it was a Corvair; music – rock and roll; clothes – jeans. Wow! I haven’t changed much except for the Corvair! lol


    1. For one thing, I lived in Chicago. For another, I was really tired of rock at that point. Blues was starting to make a comeback at that point (mid-’70’s) and rock was either David Bowie or Led Zeppelin, and I didn’t really care for either. I picked up albums by the Butterfield Blues Band and Blues Project, and that led me to Muddy Waters and Little Walter, and it kept going downhill from there…

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        1. I think it was a case of my desire to find a more satisfying musical experience colliding with a resurgence of interest in the blues. A lot of the south and west side bluesmen were venturing to the north side and playing in clubs that you weren’t taking your life into your hands to go to…

          Liked by 1 person

  5. An entertaining read. I had to google chukka boots though 🙂 It’s also nice to know that you’re still close with your best friend!


  6. You mentioned driving a car. Do you remember who first let you drive a car? Do you remember the make of the car? Do you remember where you drove it?


    1. I certainly do: You let me drive you Volkswagen around I think a construction area in Elk Grove. I was 11 or 12, as I remember, and it was the time of my life….


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