The Pre-Checkup Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Hamm’s Beer. From the Land of Sky Blue Waters!

Hamm’s used to sponsor baseball on WGN (Cubs and White Sox) in the ’60’s.

I have my Medicare-mandated checkup this week. My doctor has retired and I’m seeing a new doctor. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve seen the new guy before and we didn’t get along. Oh, well. Here’s the summary for last week.

It was Mother’s Day, and I shared “Julia,” John Lennon’s tribute to his mother.

I had this weird feeling of déja vu as I was doing following the promt, songs with body parts in the name, and realized I had already done a couple of playlists earlier. I did include some new songs, though.

Laura wanted a song from a movie that involved dancing, a song that makes me think of medieval times, and a song about sex. And that’s what I gave her.

Another encore presentation from 2013, the late smooth jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb.

A quote from Julian Lennon on collecting things that belonged to his father.

My current battle is between three songs that featured British session singer Tony Burrows on lead vocals. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, so get your vote in before then. Remember, you can vote even if you don’t have your own battle. All you need is an opinion.

We were asked for a spring break memory, and while we never had spring break (we had Easter vacation, which wasn’t very long), I wrote about being caught outside a mile from home without a jacket when the temperature went from 80 to 45.

We visited CKOC in Hamilton, Ontario and reviewed a survey from 1969. Also, I noted the passing of Tarder Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 6 or 7 (every source had a different age).

We were to start our post with an adverb. Mine was “today,” which can be a noun, verb, or adverb. This led me to a discussion of the newspaper business in Chicago.

Tomorrow is a freebie day on M4, so I’ll be presenting the other half of my “George Harrison with The Beatles” playlist, including the three Indian music songs he contributed and a couple that were never officially released as Beatles songs. As mentioned previously, I have my annual checkup on Wednesday, when I fully expect my doctor to get on my case about my weight and the fact that I have yet to have a colonoscopy, so I might have a few words to say about that. I’ll annnounce the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands on Wednesday, I’ll search the archive to see if I have any more smooth jazz musicians to feature for Tuesday, and all the regular features will be in place.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

11 thoughts on “The Pre-Checkup Week That Was

  1. Sending wishes for a good checkup. We had our first last week and I knew it was Medicare because of the three mandatory questions they asked. Definitely geared toward the elderly and the failing.

    I had forgotten about Hamm’s beer. The Land of Sky Blue Waters was a familiar slogan.


  2. Hi John – good luck … I guess be prepared, be peaceful and hopefully things will be well … you’ll surprise yourself and him – take care … cheers Hilary


  3. Nice re-cap. Good luck with the mandated check-up. I know a doctor is very different than a bartender but for some reason I thought of Skippy subbing for Cheryl on Dan’s blog. Your new doctor is now Skippy to me. lol


  4. Just had my medicare check-up this past Wednesday…blah blah all was good and I do like my Dr. Best of luck with your check-up and the new Doc. 🙂


  5. Thanks again for the recap, John. I always think I’ve seen every one but inevitably I miss something. Good luck at the doctor’s. Can’t you request a different primary? I like mine, thank goodness. I got a notice yesterday, the countdown to Medicare begins…7 months 🙂


    1. I can, and probably will. This one is the only one left from a practice we started going to when we moved here: we ended up with him when our doctor up and left.

      I use Coventry as my supplemental insurance (they call it “Medicare replacement,” where Medicare pays them to deal with me) and like them. Don’t know what’s available in CA, but they’re who I use. Aetna bought them, then Caremark (CVS Pharmacy) bought Aetna. It’s worked well.

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      1. We use Kaiser. It has been okay so far. My husband has a lot of issues and he likes his doctors so that’s the most important thing. We don’t have to pay too much extra either so that’s a bonus.

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