Two for Tuesday: Chris Standring (Encore Presentation)

Seems I should have run this last week: this was posted originally on May 14, 2013.

Chris Standring grew up in Ayleshire, England and moved to Los Angeles in 1991. He met Rodney Lee while backing Lauren Christy, and they released an acid-jazz album, Solar System, in 1996. In 1998, he released his first album, Velvet, and has released seven albums since then.

These two cuts are from his two most recent albums. The first is “Oliver’s Twist,” from his 2012 release Electric Wonderland. Matt Cooper remixed it and choreographed it differently, using skaters from Venice Beach; the result is here. The second is “Bossa Blue,” from 2010’s Blue Bolero. You can find more at his YouTube channel and at his official website.

Chris has issued a few more albums since this was posted: Don’t Talk, Dance! (2014), Ten (2016), Live In London (2017), Sunlight (2018), and this year’s offering, CS Remixed: Best of Chris Standring. All his albums can be heard on Spotify.

11 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Chris Standring (Encore Presentation)

  1. I couldn’t play the first one but the second one is ok except for the constant “bump…bump, bomp” which makes no sense to you because I am not sure how to describe it. I think it is done with a key board and it’s 3 notes in the refrain


    1. That’s one of my favorites from that album. The greatest hits album is coming out next month, and I’m waiting to see if that’s on it before I buy anything.

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    1. I remember you telling me about vaporware, which I listen to sometimes now (thanks for that). The Weather Channel used to use a lot of smooth jazz for “Local on the 8’s,” though they’ve gotten away from that, I understand. I think about half the money The Rippingtons have made was from TWC. I like pretty much anything that I can put on in the background that doesn’t draw my attention away from what I’m doing (smooth jazz, ambient etc.)…


      1. Yes! The Weather Channel’s local forecast was always a great source for that. I think I actually own a CD of that music, somewhere.


        1. I think they issued 2 or 3 CD’s. When I was traveling, sometimes I’d put the Weather Channel on for background noise. That was when they actually did the weather 24 hours a day instead of trying to program the primetime hours. Of course, I’m also the sort who, if the hotel fed their electronic bulletin board into the TV system and it had music, I’d put that on.

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