Left In A Comment Yesterday #1LinerWeds

I left this comment re the end of Game of Thrones on John Kraft’s blog yesterday:

I didn’t see any of “Game of Thrones,” and somehow I don’t think I missed anything.

I didn’t see the series finale of The Big Bang Theory and feel pretty much the same way.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about the Kellogg’s Variety Pack.

34 thoughts on “Left In A Comment Yesterday #1LinerWeds

  1. I didn’t see either, either. Although I am considering watching GoT. I’ve slogged through the first two books — they took me something like 6 months each. I’m thinking the shows might be faster.


  2. I haven’t seen any of the GOT – but I do watch reruns of TBBT and I watched the final episode. I echo Ally’s comments on it. I did love shredded wheat in the day – now I’m an oatmeal kind of gal!


  3. I seem to remember a variety pack with Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Sugar Smacks. Nothing to trade out. Dad and mom always had a big box of Raisin Bran or Grape Nuts. Grape Nuts was like eating pebbles. 😂


    1. Remember Euell Gibbons talking about Grape-Nuts, “they taste like wild hickory nuts”? Johnny Carson used to do a lot of jokes about him (“Did you hear Euell Gibbons and Rodney Allan Rippy had lunch at Jack in the Box yesterday? Rodney had a Jumbo jack burger and Euell ate the box.”) He was only 64 when he died. Evidently he had Marfan’s syndrome and had a ruptured aorta as a complication (I knew a guy that had Marfan’s and he died the same way at only 19).

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      1. I never heard that one before. Sounds like classic Johnny. Sad about Euell. Closer I get to 64, the younger that seems. And the guy you knew only 19, that is definitely gone too soon.


    1. There were three big cereal manufacturers, Kellogg’s, Post and General Mills, and it seemed like every household preferred one over the other two. We were a Kellogg’s house, although we had some General Mills (Wheaties and Cheerios, mostly) and very occasionally a box of Alpha-Bits or Sugar Crisp would creep in.

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  4. LOL my husband likes Shredded Wheat in the mini, sugar coated version. I like Raisin Bran but I need the crunchy version because I don’t like mushy cereal. I never watched any of the GoT but I have seen lots of Big Bang so I watched the finale just because. It was a nice ending to a long series.


    1. I’ve never tried Frosted Mini Wheats (I think that’s what you’re talking about), but they look pretty tasty. I ate cereal almost every day for about a year, then haven’t had any desire for it. I’ll probably eat more in line with a keto diet to see if I can get enough off to get my knees replaced. It’s weird: we’ve gone from “carbs good, fat bad” to “carbs bad, fat good” in just over 20 years.

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      1. I am “keto-ing” now and have lost 21 pounds since mid-March. I miss fruit almost as much as pasta but it actually has not been too hard to stay on track. It was hard to get used to using regular butter and half and half for my coffee instead of non-fat. LOL


  5. Not a fan of GoT, but I enjoy Big Bang – I didn’t watch the finale, oh well, it will be in syndication ’till the cows come home. My wife often comments, indicating that I share some of the nerd traits – so be it.

    The problem with Variety Pack was that someone had to eat the Raisin Bran before my mother would open a new pack.


  6. Yup, I didn’t watch Game or Nerds. I may have watch Game if I had Netflix or HBO but I know it is dark and nasty and I am not enamoured with that any more. Big Bang…I lived that in University and some of the boys on that show like Sheldon, was very much like people I actually knew so it was just annoying.


    1. Yeah, it got to where Sheldon was the only “funny” character and he wasn’t that funny. I saw something the other day that called it “Friends with nerds.” An apt description…


  7. I’ve missed a lot of life if watching TV shows is the measure. I feel no void in my life not having seen these finales let alone one single episode of GOT.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Mary bought the first season of GOT on DVD, watched about half of it and decided it was too violent. Don’t know what she did with it, and really don’t care.That would be my choice for another “Blood, Boobs and Carnage” festival…


  8. John, I did not see either either. Yes, I am leaving those two identical words jammed up together.

    I always wanted my parents to buy those mini cereals, but I wanted the sugar coated kind. My parents said no, although back in the day I always put sugar on the ‘plain’ cereal so why not?

    I also wanted to cut down those lines and use the box for a bowl. Also a hard no. Now I let my grandkids do that if they so desire. Why not??


    1. The Variety Pack, Snack Pack etc. always had one like Shredded Wheat or 40% Bran Flakes in addition to Sugar Pops/Smacks/Frosted Flakes. I actually liked Raisin Bran…

      Ah, the Kel-Bowl-Pac! I’ve tried it. You’re not missing much.


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