Writer’s Workshop: Part of This Complete Breakfast!

We’ll return to this week’s Writers Workshop after these messages.

I like what they describe as a “complete breakfast” (or a “nutritious breakfast” or a “balanced breakfast”): a bowl of cereal, a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, and two pieces of white toast with butter. That’s the way we ate back then, and somehow we avoided getting too fat. I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I don’t think that means a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Mary and I went to visit some friends, Greg and Laura, in Minneapolis one weekend. Greg and I were in the pipe band together, and Laura and Mary suffered through the road trips with us. They met us at the airport, and he says to me, “hey, remember when we were kids and we’d sit in front of the TV eating Lucky Charms and watching cartoons on Saturday morning? Let’s do that again!” So we stopped at the grocery store on our way to their house and bought a box of Lucky Charms and a gallon of milk. The next morning, Saturday, we got up, turned on the TV and found Bugs Bunny, and each of us poured ourselves a bowl of Lucky Charms with milk. We sat down in front of the TV and took a bite of the Lucky Charms. And we looked at each other like, “we used to eat this stuff?” But we finished the whole box, anyway (it was a small box, so that meant about two bowls each). Can’t let good Lucky Charms go to waste. There are children starving in Africa, after all.

23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Part of This Complete Breakfast!

  1. I used to love love love Lucky Charms. It was my favorite cereal. It would STILL be my favorite if I allowed myself to eat it!

    Recently we had a grandchild spend a Friday night with us and the next morning my husband tried to find the “Saturday morning cartoons” on TV but they must be extinct now. He had to settle for some kids stuff on Netflix.


    1. They are extinct. The cable network Boomerang has the ones I grew up with (The Flintstones, Top Cat, Space Ghost etc.) but we don’t get cable. The networks must have decided that weekend editions of their weekday morning shows (Today, Good Morning America, and CBS this morning) were cheaper.


  2. That’s funny about the old cereal commercials. I always wanted the Lepercaun to successfully escape with the cereal and the Trix Rabbit to get to eat the Trix. So, I found those “keep away” commercials frustrating.
    You mentioned the plastic paper plate holder in my blog photo—we got them at Kmart many years ago. We have about 20 I think. They came in sets of 10. Perfect support for paper plates.


    1. What I’d like to see would be the Trix rabbit finally get a taste of Trix, spit them out and say “that’s awful!”

      I think Kmart is out of business now (at least around here). Oh well, maybe I can find them at Amazon…


  3. Oh I loved Lucky Charms and especially, Count Chocula, which I would eat while watching Bugs Bunny, of course. I had the whole Saturday morning for cartoons…sheer bliss. I think it would be just sugar and sugar now


  4. Fun times, back then, John! I always ate Cheerios and still do. Yep, Saturdays were cartoon days and now even the cartoons ain’t what they used to be. 😰


    1. When we were young, we ate Cheerios because they were fun. Now we eat them because we need the fiber…

      Cartoons have all but disappeared from the airwaves, in large part because Ted Turner bought them all (almost) when he bought MGM. You want to see any Hanna-Barbera cartoons now, you have to watch Cartoon Network or Boomerang. And, of course, when he sold out to Time Warner, they added in the Warner Brother cartoons, and that was 90% of the cartoons worth seeing, anyway. Some have managed to slip into Public Domain and show up on Channel 57.2 in the evenings…

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  5. I like that landing on the letter G cleared her homework completely. These commercials are so funny and I LOVE that you recreated your youth by actually sitting together to watch cartoons and eat Lucky Charms. That’s the kind of visiting I want to do with friends!


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