The Friday 5×2: Radio Veronica, 5/23/70

Let’s go back to the Netherlands and Radio Veronica, broadcasting from a ship near Hilversum. Here’s their Top 10 for this week in 1970. I like this because there are a lot of songs I’ve never heard before today, which means they’ll probably be new to you too.

  1. Soulful Dynamics, “Mademoiselle Ninette” Soulful Dynamics was a septet that was formed in 1965 in Liberia and moved to Hamburg in 1969. This is the song they’re best known for.
  2. Blue Mink, “Good Morning Freedom” A sextet from England, Blue Mink had six Top 20 hit records in the UK between 1969 and 1974. One song, “Our World,” reached #64 on the Hot 100 and got some airplay in the US in 1971.
  3. The Shoes, “Osaka” The Shoes were a Dutch “Nederbeat” band; here in the US we call them “garage rock.” They started in 1963 as The White Shoes, and are still performing, 56 years later.
  4. Norman Greenbaum, “Spirit In The Sky” Finally, a song you might have heard before. This was a huge hit in the US, where it reached #3 nationally and occupied the #1 spot in Chicago on WCFL on March 16 and at WLS on March 23. Not bad for a good Jewish boy…
  5. Earth and Fire, “Ruby Is The One” Earth and Fire was a Dutch progressive and symphonic rock band that was fronted by Christina Henriette “Jerney” Kaagman, who later headed the Dutch musician’s union BV Pop (so saith Wikipedia).
  6. Frijid Pink, “House of the Rising Sun” A psychedelic rock band from Detroit, this was the third single issued by the band in 1969, and as they say, third time’s a charm. It reached the Top 10 in the US, #4 in the UK, and #3 in Canada. The band continues to perform and record, albeit with non of its original members.
  7. Steve Rowland and The Family Dogg, “Sympathy” The Family Dogg was a British vocal group that included Albert “It Never Rains in Southern California” Hammond.
  8. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Up Around The Bend” Was a double-sided single in the US with “Run Through The Jungle,” and it reached #4 here.
  9. Simon and Garfunkel, “Cecilia” I remember that most of my friends and I despised this song in eighth grade, and today, almost 50 years later, I’m still not especially fond of it. Nevertheless, it reached #4 in the US and topped the chart in The Netherlands.
  10. Simon and Garfunkel, “El Condor Pasa” I had to look twice at the chart to see if this was a double-sided hit for S&G with ‘Cecilia,” but no, they were two separate records. This only reached #18 in the US but, again, topped the chart in The Netherlands.

And that’s The Friday 5×2 for May 24, 2019.

17 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: Radio Veronica, 5/23/70

  1. I love Cecilia…I love the beat to it and I know the last one too which I also like. I like the CCR “Up Arounf the Bend” but give me the original House of the Rising Sun. A great way to make Friday fun

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    1. About half of them are familiar to just about anyone who was around in ’70 (Norman Greenbaum, Creedence, S&G) but I had never heard of the rest. Now it’s like you hear the same music wherever you go…

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    1. I knew a guy who lived in London during that period, and he said the BBC would have their own orchestras try and do the hits and would fail miserably, so Radio Caroline was a big help. Government-run monopolies don’t always come up with the most satisfying solutions…


      1. No they do not. Your friend was quite right. They did come up with Radio One in the 70s which was pop, rock in fact all modern music, no adverts and covering all music festivals and still going today.💜💜

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  2. Hey Get set of Toones. I did a sixth tune to my 5 On Friday Set this week all tunes were done by twin Brothers from Canada and thery were members of the group The Moffetts.


  3. Some of these are not familiar to me, but, House of the Rising Sun – I remember by The Animals. I didn’t know it was done by Woody Gutherie, The Ventures and Frigid Pink (perhaps a Battle of The Bands idea?). I also like Cecelia and Spirit in the Sky.


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