The “Is It June Already?” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Zest. Zest has never contained hexachlorophene! (I have no idea what hexachlorophene is apart from it’s a deodorant, but Zest ain’t got it….)

I’m a fan of the shower gels; they’re easier to handle than bar soap (for me, anyway) and every soap I’ve used in my life now comes in liquid form.

Really, this year has just been flying past. The old joke used to be “I’m still writing 2018 on my checks!” but who writes checks anymore? We have a checking account, but write maybe five checks a year. Everything is electronic drafts after that.

Anyway… it’s been sunny and hot here, with no rain in the forecast until Wednesday or Thursday. I’m waiting for the sudden outbreaks of severe weather, when the local weather forecasters pre-empt everything to talk about the bad weather. Speaking of which, have you seen this? Evidently, viewers of The Bachelorette in Dayton, Ohio raised a fuss that Jamie Simpson, meteorologist for Fox 45, was pre-empting their show during a severe weather outbreak and were on Facebook and Twitter demanding that the station go back to the show. Here was his reaction.

I’ve talked about local meteorologists getting carried away with technology during severe weather, but they’re just doing their job.

Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

The prompts we were given were “Cool/Groovy/Hip/Nifty/Radical/Swell.” I knew what Jim was driving at, but decided to go in a totally different direction and chose “Something Cool” by June Christy, one of my favorite singers. The clip, incidentally, was from Playboy’s Penthouse; as Jim pointed out, Playboy After Dark didn’t start until well after this clip was shot.

Michele’s prompt was “songs about heaven and hell.” I have a problem with choosing songs about hell, so all of mine were about heaven, with only one mentioning the other place.

The prompts for Round 15 were in honor of Memorial Day.

Another encore presentation from 2013, when guitarist Peter White was the featured artist.

Chose a kind of disturbing one-liner, seeing as how we’re starting to spend more and more time online and less of it away from the keyboard. Jim again pointed out that my commercial was a different one than the one I introduced. The commercials are all gathered together on one video, and the way I manage to show just one commercial is to specify to YouTube the start and end points, both of which must be in seconds. I don’t know where my mind was when I figured out how many seconds, but it was way off. Sometimes dear Homer sleeps…

The prompt was “vintage,” and naturally I wrote about vintage TV. Some old TV is vintage stuff, the rest is just old.

We visited WKTI in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and played their Top 10 from May 27, 1987. I didn’t recognize many of the songs…

The prompt was “silence/silent,” and I talked about how sometimes noise is quieter than silence, specifically to those of us who suffer from tinnitus or have overactive minds when we go to bed, or both. I will work on a post that shares some of my favorite sources for noise. There are a lot of them.

I posted my latest Battle of the Bands, which pits three different songs that share the title “Do It Again.” I’ll announce the winner this coming Saturday, so if you want to vote (and I really wish you would), get it to me by Saturday.

Freebie day tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and I will be doing a tribute to Leon Redbone, who we lost the other day. I’ll search the archives to see if I have any other smooth jazz artists that I’ve done and everyone seems to have missed; if there aren’t any, I’ll be writing a new one. I’ve already chosen my one-liner for Wednesday, and it should be thought-provoking. Thursday’s and Saturday’s posts are waiting for prompts, and of course there’ll be a Top 10 list from some radio station in the world on Friday.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The “Is It June Already?” Week That Was

  1. Well, some meterologists are overly dramatic, but it’s their job to keep the public informed. Just sayin and so it goes.


    1. When we start getting bad weather here, it just keeps coming, doesn’t it? Just when you think it’s moved away, there’s more crossing the Alabama state line. We can have storms in Johns Creek and Carrolton at the same time, so I prepare to sit there and watch the weather maps most of the afternoon and evening when the bad weather starts.

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      1. I prefer to know what’s happening with the weather if it appears to be threatening. We tune in to the TVs, internet and our phones. Yes, I agree once it crosses the Alabama state line, we’re usually next.


        1. Until I moved here I didn’t realize how close we were to Alabama, and I had no idea that there was as much severe weather here. In Chicago, we were lucky that most of the severe weather stayed away from us. Here, we’re right in its path. Still, you couldn’t get me to move back.


  2. I did hear about the uproar over the weather interruption during the Bachelorette. People are crazy. Though I watch that show fast forwarding past most of the content to find a bit or two of hilarity. I’d never complain about a weather alert for any of the shows we watch.


    1. I know youy get some really nasty weather in Texas. Really all over the south, come to think of it. I’ve gotten to where I enjoy watching the TV weather folks during severe weather.

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