The Father’s Day 2019 Week That Was

Here’s the lovely Mariette Hartley (who is not Mrs. James Garner) for Pacific Northwest Bell.

My, how times have changed. Now you can call anywhere in the United States (or in your country, most likely) and, if you have an unlimited plan, it’s included in your monthly bill.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, foster fathers, uncles, mentors, and anyone who fulfills that role. That would include my brothers and Uncle Jack Connelly, who became a great-grandfather this year. And all of your dads as well. All is well here: it’s a beautiful day here in the South, the Braves have won 8 of their last 9 (they lost last night), the White Sox are only a game under .500, and life is good. Anyway, here’s the summary.

I did two songs last Sunday: I knew there was a song that had the line “romance, romance, romance, romance” in it that shat sounded (to me, anyway) like “Sh-Boom,” but couldn’t remember what it was, so I posted that and asked for help. Maggie came through with “26 Miles (Santa Catalina)”, which was the song I was thinking of, so I posted that as well.

We celebrated Marie’s (a/k/a Xmas Dolly’s) birthday last week. She wanted a “happy birthday” song and a song that started with the first letter of our first name. I used The Crests’ “16 Candles” and created a playlist of 21 songs that started with the letter J. Hurry back, Marie!

For Round 17, we did songs from our youth and that we used when we’re fed up.

Got an email from smooth jazz guitarist Joyce Cooling, who went on a ten-year hiatus after her last album, announcing that she was back and had an EP coming out later this year. I took it as a sign and featured her.

My one-liner was a statement that NBC stations around the country made at sign-on and sign-off, back in the days when TV stations did, in fact, sign on and off. This was also the first week that we used Laura’s new badge, which you can see above.

This week’s question had to do with the Disney “princesses,” generally the female protagonists from their animated movies but which extended to include Annette Funicello, about whom I comnmented “all the girls wanted to be her, all the boys wanted to be with her.” I’m pretty sure Kat meant to ask us what character in a Disney movie we wanted to be, but she specifically said which princess we wanted to be, so I picked one, then said that the character I wanted to be was Lumiére from Beauty and The Beast, because the late Jerry Orbach made him sound like Maurice Chevalier.

Notice first the new badge that I created using Canva, because all the features need new badges. We visited radio station CFNY in Toronto, Ontario, making Birgit and Debbie happy because they actually knew the songs and the station. I chose a survey from 1986, while they were still an “alternative” station, meaning I didn’t recognize any of the songs and only a couple of the bands. There were only nine songs in their survey, too.

My current battle pits three songs with the title “Pillow Talk” against each other. If you haevn’t voted, why not follow the link (click on the badge) and vote? The more the merrier, I always say. I’ll announce the winner this coming Saturday.

I went off in a technical direction and lost many of you, about which I apologize, but as I told some of you, I really had nothing for the prompt “social.”

I haven’t given a whole lot of thought about what I’m going to do this week. I do have a one-liner for Wednesday, and that’s about it. It’ll be another week not unlike this one.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “The Father’s Day 2019 Week That Was

  1. It was a great and busy week, John! I like your cool new badge. I use PicMonkey to make my stuff and have a lot of fun with it.


    1. I used Canva to make this one, but I’ll likely use GIMP for the rest. Canva is good as far as it goes (I made most of the ones I’ve been using with Retype), but I’d like more artistic control, so to speak…

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      1. Yeah, and you’re a pro! Canva didn’t offer enough for me to play with where PicMonkey gives me more options. I forgot about GIMP and will give it a try.


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