Monday’s Music Moves Me: Follow-Up

Thought it might be good to follow up on some of the artists that I’ve profiled here and introduce a couple you might not have heard of.

  1. Leonid & Friends, “Spinning Wheel” Having conquered the Chicago catalog, they’ve moved on to cover Blood Sweat & Tears. Lead singer Vasily sounds like Russia’s answer to David Clayton-Thomas.
  2. Maneli Jamal, “El Cielo in Zihua” Maneli has been moving right along, this time adding a little flamenco styling.
  3. Tina Guo, “God Of War Main Theme” Tina’s been traveling a lot, and I think she and her fiancé have set a date. Hasn’t affected her cello or erhu playing, and she’s still quite attractive.
  4. Lari Basilio, “Five-Two” Here Lari is demonstrating a new set of Seymour Duncan pickups, but as you can tell, she’s still sounding great.
  5. Covet featuring Yvette Young, “Falkor” Yvette and Covet are still out there cranking along. She took time early this year to go play the guitar in the snow.
  6. Angelina Jordan, “Shield” Angelina is 13 now, and still has a remarkable voice. She’s also writing some songs, including “Shield,” which she came out with late last year. She’s finding her own voice, and what a voice it is.
  7. Jamie Dupuis, “Only Time” Jamie’s keeping on keeping on, mastering the harp guitar. This is a beautiful cover of a beautiful Enya song.
  8. Emil Ernebro, “Misty” One of our new artists, although he’s been around for a while and has a sizable library on YouTube, about half of which is recordings of songs, the other half being instructional videos. Emil is from Denmark and interprets songs of all genres, such as his reading of Errol Garner’s “Misty.”
  9. Lindsey Stirling, “Roundtable Rival I think I did a song of Lindsey’s a while ago, and said at that time I should feature her. Few have mastered the art of dancing and playing the violin like she has, and like Tina Guo she takes a rock attitude to a classical instrument.
  10. Ruby Jay, “Young Love” You might have seen Ruby Jay as Holly Hobbie on Hulu, and you’ll definitely see her this fall in the new CBS show The Unicorn. I’m very impressed by her: at 14, she’s an actress, model, dancer, singer and songwriter. When I was 14 I was tripping over my own feet.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 17, 2019. We love you, Marie, and hope you’ll be back with us soon!

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13 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Follow-Up

    1. Thanks! I had introduced the first seven acts in earlier MMMM’s and hadn’t quite gotten to the other three, so I thought everyone would like an update.


  1. The second song had some wonderful guitar work – the third was epic. Leonid and Friends, I am sad to say, disappointed. The music was good – the singing was too heavily accented. I think it will improve if they keep with the BS&T covers. I’ll have to listen to the others another time.


    1. OK, so Vasily isn’t the singer David Clayton-Thomas is, but the musical arrangement was spot on. I hope they do some more BS&T covers. Their Chicago covers are fantastic.


      1. I’m back and listened to the other selections. Lindsey Stirling blew me away (well, almost literally) such absolute talent. My second favorite was Tina Guo. And, I also look forward to more Leonid and Friends. I really do. I’ve recommended them to a number of people since you turned me on to them.


        1. I’d love to hear what Leonid and Friends could do with “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” or The Ides of March’s “Vehicle,” the classic horn band tune. Maybe I’ll drop them a comment…


  2. John,

    Your playset is furtastic! I listened to the entire list of songs while doing other things. The guitar mewsic is purrfect for my day to the tasks at hand. I’m glad to have you on the dance floor today. Have a boogietastic week, dear furriend!


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