Les Feuilles Mortes #socs

Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

It’s weird that, on the second day of summer, I’m writing about fall, or if you prefer, autumn, but when I hear “leaves” that’s where my mind goes, maybe because of the song “Autumn Leaves.” Here’s a beautiful version of the song done by the late Eva Cassidy.

Jim Gaffigan has a particularly funny take on fall…

Fall is the season when professional hockey starts in North America, and wouldn’t you know, one of the teams is the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Source: Giphy

That’s the Maple Leafs, not the Maple Leaves. That way, you can say that Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf and John Tavares is a Maple Leaf, and together they’re two Maple Leafs. Saying they were Maple Leaves would just be weird. Kind of like this discussion…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Post, makers of Fruity and Chocolate Pebbles. They’re fruity-licious!

26 thoughts on “Les Feuilles Mortes #socs

  1. I’ve always loved fall, especially after a long hot summer, and the song, Autumn Leaves. Eva Cassidy’s version is both beautiful and powerful. You can really feel the missing.


  2. Fall IS my favorite! Even though I have seen the Jim Gaffigan bit about it, I watched it again and it made me LOL again.
    As an aside, I prefer the Malt-O-Meal ‘Fruity Pebbles’ to the authentic. Same with ‘Lucky Charms’. Dunno why. I don’t eat much in the way of sugar cereal, but when I do, I like the generics.


    1. You can see the same Jim Gaffigan routines numerous times and they’re still funny. It’s easy to relate to what he’s saying.

      A lot of times, the off-brand or house brand cereal tastes as good, if not better than, the national brand. Half the price of the national brand is the box. Granted, some off brands are pretty horrible, but I don’t run into that too much.

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  3. She had a beautiful voice and so sad to hear she passed away…way too young. That comedian is so funny and ..poor Carl:). I laughed when he made the evergreens sound like the Sopranos. Personally, my favourite season is spring and we had a great spring despite the rain.


  4. Beautiful song by Eva Cassidy. New to me and I enjoyed it.

    Jim Gaffigan is always good for a laugh. Makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. The song is new, or Eva Cassidy is? (Or both?) In my case, I knew the song, but had never heard of her. She’s passed on, sadly (complications of melanoma — wear sunscreen!), but she had a wonderful voice…

      Gaffigan is hilarious. A couple more that Mary and I like are Sebastian Maniscalco and Michael McIntyre. There’s a little more foul language with Sebastian, but with him it’s the physical humor. They’re all hilarious.

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      1. Both! Eva and the song. Though I think I remember someone mentioning her not that long ago because of the melanoma. Sunscreen is a must!

        I will look for some bits from the other two. Definitely need more hilarity in my life.


  5. Great take on the prompt, John. Love the song, Jim is a hoot and those Fruity Pebbles…such fun flashbacks for the day! Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. fall is my favorite season of all, and I am enjoying every minute of summer right now so it doesn’t bother me to know it’s coming next. I’ve always wondered about the maple leafs? and seven dwarfs ?


    1. Maybe you use the “fs” form if you’re talking about people and other humanoid forms and the “ves” form if you’re talking about anything else (rooves, hooves, etc.).

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