Two For Tuesday: Marc Antoine

Marc Jean Roland Antoine Vouilloux, more simply known as Marc Antoine, is a smooth jazz guitarist from France. He got his first guitar when he was 11, and by 13 his father was so impressed that he sent Marc to Conservatoire de Paris, where he leraned to be a classical guitarist. When he turned 18, he was ready to make his debut, but had an accident while he was playing with his dog where he injured his left hand and was told he would probably never play the guitar again. Through a lot of patience and hard work he managed to fully recover from his injuries. By age 25, he had moved to England and was part of Basia’s recording band, then moved to the US where he backed up a number of singers, including Cher, Queen Latifah, Sting and Rod Stewart, as well as starting his solo career.

From his most recent album, 2017’s So Nice, a joint effort with David Benoit, the title track.

From his second solo album, 1995’s Urban Gypsy, one of his better-known songs, “Latin Quarter.”

I had trouble getting to his website, but you can hear more of Marc Antoine on YouTube and Spotify. There is a second Marc Antoine who’s a Haitian-Canadian singer, so make sure you’re listening to the right one (although Marc Antoine the singer is quite good, too).

Marc Antoine, your Two for Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

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  1. Actually he’s not bad at all….hahahaaa. Ok that sounds funny since he is an excellent guitarist. I really like the second song you posted

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