The Second Half of Summer 2019 Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by AMF, makers of the Evel Knievel Hot Seat and the Evel Knievel Motocross Bike. Assembly required!

Evel Knievel…. now that’s a name out of the ’70’s for you…

About the title: Independence Day, better known as The 4th of July, is considered the midpoint of summer, so we’re now in the second half of summer, as well as the second half of 2019, because the year’s midpoint was at noon on July 2.

Apologies to my Battle of the Bands friends: I didn’t post a BotB last Monday. I think I voted in everyone’s battle (and I’m sorry if I missed you), but I just couldn’t get it together to put one on myself. I’ll be sure to have a battle on the 15th.

Been sleeping a lot lately, and generally feel a little out of it. Where most animals hibernate during the winter, Mary and I tend to hibernate during the summer. I’ve been listening to a few more “songs in an empty mall” and a lot of vaporwave, so that probably contributes to the brain fog. Well, the best cure for that, of course, is to write about my week, so let’s get into that.

For the freebie day, I did “music in an empty mall”: songs that sound like they’re being played over the sound system in an empty shopping mall. Sounds crazy, but you really get a different perspective on the songs and some even take on a whole new meaning when heard that way. Don’t expect me to stop anytime soon.

We heard songs from Thin Lizzy, Little River Band, and The Beatles in this week’s round.

Smooth jazz guitarist Marc Antoine was the featured artist. Jazz takes on a much different flavor when played on a nylon-stringed classical guitar, doesn’t it?

I responded to Dan’s one-liner and liked the answer so much it became my one-liner. The subject, of course, was feeding cats.

The topic was men’s fashion, for which I took an article that purported to list the top 20 trends in men’s fashion for 2019 and decided whether or not I would wear that. The result was five “yes’es and fifteen “no”es. Kat thinks that should be a regular feature on the blog. What do you think?

We returned to The Land Down Under and heard the Top 10 from radio station 3FOX in Melbourne, allegedly the most listened-to radio station on that entire continent. I’m starting to have doubts about the longevity of this feature in its current form and am considering going back to the old format, where I choose a subject and build a playlist around that. What say you?

The prompt “chew/choo” made me think of Choo-Choo Charlie, original mascot for Good & Plenty candy, so the whole post was about Good & Plenty and its goofy little brother Good & Fruity.

Tomorrow’s M4 focuses on songs about independence, personal or national. Other than that, nothing special planned. I’d like your feedback on the Friday 5×2 and Kat’s suggestion (see above), if you have any.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Great weekly wrap-up, John. I don’t hibernate during the summer months but I stay inside a lot. I don’t like the heat so I wait for the cooler months to get out and around.


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