The “August Already?” Week That Was

This edition of The Week that was is brought to you by Ocusol eye drops, with the unique nose bridge on the bottle to help you get the drops in your eyes, because you can’t get the red out if you can’t get the drops in!

The lovely young lady in the commercial is Judy Graubert, who was on The Electric Company on PBS from 1971 to 1977 and performed in other commercials, so we might see her again.

The kids went back to school last Thursday, which means they got a month less summer vacation than we did back in the day. I know up north they still start after Labor Day, and I remember when we moved here that was when they started. I don’t understand the rationale. Guess I’m not supposed to; it’s not as though I have a dog in the fight. We’re now old enough that we qualify not to pay school taxes on our property, which knocks our tax bill down significantly.

Evidently there are a number of bloggers whose work is being republished, without their knowledge or consent, on a website called One eagle-eyed observer learned that their domain was arranged by GoDaddy and that their site is hosted by Digital Ocean, so I recommend that you take a look at the site and see if any of your work is being republished, and if so, complain to those entities. The way I was able to check was to enter the name of my blog (in quotes) into the search box that’s on their front page. Fandango has created a badge that you can add to your blog posts that makes it clear your stuff is being stolen. The owner of the domain is listed on GoDaddy as Amrut Miskin, who’s located in the Indian state of Maharashtra (where Mumbai is located), and the domain appears to have been created on June 1 of this year. If you know Amrut, you might want to have a word with him.

Anyway, quiet week here at Chez Holton. Big excitement was they’re selling $5 cheeseburgers at O’Charley’s through next Friday, so we took advantage yesterday and will likely do so again while they’re still cheap. Other than that, nothing, really, so here’s the summary for last week.

We were to come up with a song from a movie, and I chose “The Windmills of Your Mind,” which figured in both versions of The Thomas Crown Affair. Noel Harrison sang the original back in the ’60’s, Sting sang it for the remake in the ’90’s, but I chose Dusty Springfield’s cover. She didn’t like the song, saying the lyrics did nothing for her, but her rendition was well-liked among you, the readers, and Dusty being one of my favorite singers, I just had to use hers.

I found myself stuck for what to do on a freebie Monday, so I went with random songs from YouTube, where I start with a song and let YouTube suggest the rest. I might do that a little more frequently, because it went over so well.

Songs by The Beatles, Del Shannon, and John Fogerty were featured.

Guitarist and producer Paul Brown was the featured artist.

My one-liner celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Basque nobleman who founded the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

I vented my frustrations over my MacBook Air not having a forward delete key (which deletes charactes to the right of the cursor) and with some of the advice I got. For the record, control-D does the job quite nicely, and it only took me an afternoon to find that solution. The forward delete doesn’t have much use when you’re writng, but it comes in handy when you’re editing.

My latest battle asks you to choose between songs by Bruce Hornsby and Boz Scaggs, both of which are named “Harbor Lights.” Neither is the song that was made popular by The Platters. Anyway, you have until Wednesday to vote in this battle, and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

We visited WABC in New York City and checked out their Top 10 for August 2, 1977.

Linda’s prompt was “astronomical,” which I had no idea how to use, but ended up with a pretty good post, anyway.

I’m the guest conductor for M4 this month, and the first theme is songs about dogs. The rest of the week is the same old same old. I say that now, hoping that I think of something else worth writing about.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

18 thoughts on “The “August Already?” Week That Was

  1. The kids started Thursday, now my son needs to get into an apartment and some normalcy may return! I seriously wonder if they’re not moving to year-round school on the sly. Every year summer break gets shorter. I do not like it.


    1. I’m wondering the same thing. As it is, they get lots of time off during the year. I almost wonder if they’re going to go to a “10 weeks on, 3 weeks off” thing, where they break up the long summer into four chunks. It kind of ruins things for the businesses that are built around the kids being off the whole summer (like summer camp).

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      1. Yessir, it does. We have one township that does year round school, and everything just adjusts — camps around here. I’m fine with either, but one or the other, not a bit of both.
        What about kids who really want to work ‘a summer job’? That’s complicated.


        1. I don’t know. Maybe they’ll do the high schools differently. Colleges will probably stay on the same schedule they’re on now, so they’ll still be able to work over the summer. But, ya never know…


  2. As to the blog stealer, if we check for our blog on that site, isn’t that going to enable them to take it, even if they haven’t already?


    1. I’ve checked my blog several times and so far it hasn’t gotten me. I’ve heard that it uses Google to grab the blog entries. Maggie found a switch on the Settings > Read page where you can request that your blog not be indexed by search engines. It’d be up to the engine whether or not you get indexed anyway, but it’s a start.

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  3. How can I get California to reduce our property taxes because we no longer have school aged children??? I grumble every time they put a school bond on the ballot and vote a resounding NO. Especially because they are not using the bond money correctly, IMO. We had kids going to the local high school which was under construction starting the year my oldest went and was just barely completed by the time our youngest graduated 10 years later! Nice recap of your week as usual. Happy Sunday!


    1. Check with your county tax office and see if you can request an exemption from school taxes. I was able to request it when both Mary and I reached 62. We had to specifically ask for it, but it knocked almost $1000 off the bill (of course, the schools have gotten about $30 thousand from us since we’ve lived here, even though we didn’t have kids). Of course, it being California… I’ve heard Idaho is nice…

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  4. My Sunday blog is already there, John. So, what now? How does one complain? Even if it is pulled from Google, they do not have the right to re-publish.


    1. About all we’ve been able to figure is that you can complain to GoDaddy, who registered their domain, and Digital Ocean, who hosts them. If there was a way to prevent just Google from indexing your site… but apparently there isn’t…

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      1. There is a setting in the dashboard to request that your site not be indexed. It is under settings/ reading. They most likely are not required to comply however.


        1. It says underneath that WordPress will pass along the request, and whether the search engine honors it or not is up to the search engine. In the absence of anything else, it might be a good idea to turn it on.

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            1. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt unless he does it again. I really think he meant to just post a link and instead posted the whole thing. I’ve been there and done that (with other IT projects).

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  5. A busy week it was, John! Seems Tgypress indexes from Google from what I read. I just posted a poem from Firefox and it wasn’t harvested by Tgypress, yet.


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